Virtual Reality Mukbang (Sort Of) - JonTron 

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I'm sorry you all had to watch this










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Kyle Kubis
Kyle Kubis 12 órája
Don't buy the rift s
Kyle Kubis
Kyle Kubis 12 órája
Get the quest 2
Dedrulez 444
This is a fever dream
The Thinking Dumb man VR
This hurt to watch
Yoda 123
Yoda 123 2 napja
John Findorff
John Findorff 8 napja
Man that virtual desktop reminds me of having a lot of stuff cluttered on a desk and trying to manage it all without just clearing off the desk.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 9 napja
Is Jacques dead?
Phoebe Aurum
Phoebe Aurum 9 napja
I forgot this was a Youtooz ad.
GreenLemon24 10 napja
Mukbang Bad
GreenLemon24 10 napja
Why did he break the rift s?!?!?
Goodguy Typhlosion
Francisco Barros Moro
You are the only HUrunr that can make literal ads worth watching
Duramax Daily
Duramax Daily 13 napja
That burrito bowl looked good as hell
Soviet Humman
Soviet Humman 13 napja
4:27 Clear your play aria This guy flips a table
Marco Vanoni
Marco Vanoni 14 napja
When you started destroying the VR Headset, i literally died of pain because i can't even afford it and you've destroyed it so carelessly... I'm speaking from the depths of the dead
flex-x 14 napja
Oculus rift s? Nah that’s the LENOVO rift s 😂
The Duchy Of Milanball
And now Oculus is owned by facebook. Aight, I guess that thing deserved to be smashed.
that one car guy
0:17 He confirmed its trash
miguel pineda
miguel pineda 16 napja
Let me get that sweater, I bet I can fit it.
Jake Likes Tech
Jake Likes Tech 16 napja
"You know what, on second thought, leaving my house is not necessary. I don't think I'm gonna do that again." You're a god damn prophet.
Martis 2099
Martis 2099 18 napja
I wish he made a video about Warpath. Ohh wait
Holy Uno Reverse Card
Asian Aunty
Tanner Calder
Tanner Calder 20 napja
I thought that device connecting chime was my computer, I got sus'd immediately like WTF PLUGGED IN?
Galaxy Guy
Galaxy Guy 22 napja
7:52 I peed myself in laughter
Otaku_GameFan 24 napja
Man, what a waste of money. LOL
The Dank Side of the Moon
Those Slim Jim bombs are fire!
Jon B
Jon B 26 napja
Jontron is actually the biggest boomer I've ever seen try to use vr
Anonymous 27 napja
At first I thought he was being unreasonable mean, as if he just hated the idea of VR, but then after owning a Oculus Quest 2 for three months I've figured out he was spot it. On the Oculus Troubleshooting page, they state the device doesn't work with the Link Cable on select models of Gaming Laptops because of an Oculus software issue maintaining a communication connection between the Oculus, Thunderbolt 3, and the RTX gaming cards. They still advertise the Link cable works with the RTX cards and gaming laptops in promotional materials. There's several other common issues, but they should be sued for over this one, since they keep promoting that it works on the first page and then offer a sad apology on the backpage that this issue was only "recently" discovered. They need to take down the RTX gaming laptop comparability ads thes.
Witch Hazel 444
Witch Hazel 444 29 napja
When I feel really just empty inside and not even my favorite comfort HUrunrs can make me feel feelings I know I can come back to this channel to feel feelings again
Thomas Pankiewicz
jon: 15 minuits is too long my steam: ready to play in 127 hours
realclassicman Hónapja
How can someone really subscribe this stupid moron??
Entinity 301
Entinity 301 Hónapja
Jon couldve given me the vr thing ; :( but he fixed it how cool
Ok Hónapja
what is this video wait you know what isnt this video all its missing is a raid sponsor
роман козмодемьянов
I have vive pro, and i think its better than oculus s, seriously, quick install and great work,
Nicholas Rocha
Nicholas Rocha Hónapja
I want to see John play more Vrchat
Special Ninja
Special Ninja Hónapja
Brandon Marino
Brandon Marino Hónapja
This is the most useless video that I’ve ever seen
itstimetoclip Hónapja
The most angry you’ll ever see Jon Jafari be.
Dirty Heretic
Dirty Heretic Hónapja
Praise be to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, R'Amen
Luke769 Animations
Daniel Dela Torre
The YouTooz version isn't fat enough.
braedon UwU
braedon UwU Hónapja
Bruh I high as shit and the food at the end made me hungry as shit
I had the same experience with my oculus lol
Nick Wolf
Nick Wolf Hónapja
im dying laughing fuck
nothing Hónapja
Jontron: it's in there Me: NO WAY REALLY
IKazumaI Hónapja
Oculus Rift SSS (Smokin' Sexy Style)
SaberofSpades Hónapja
*Cringes at first bite* Well I've seen what I need to see I'm outta here
Colb Bot
Colb Bot Hónapja
I have an alienware tower very similar to yours jon.
How my friends and family act when they are using VR: 5:41
Doppler Effect
Doppler Effect Hónapja
damn watching you destroy that headset almost made me got a stroke.İts too damn expensive especially for my countrys money.We dont use dolar or euro
DJ Melville
DJ Melville Hónapja
vr is cool
Orphan Hónapja
This is.....Requiem Spaghetti scene plays
The legend Ronald McDonald Lol
Watching Jon struggle with vr is so pure
The Guardian
The Guardian Hónapja
“Wow....... it’s in there”
Just Jimmy
Just Jimmy Hónapja
Should have played Oculus Quest
TheSuperlimpan Hónapja
Nice 10 minute ad
AJ Hónapja
He should look at the oculas quest 2
MrWubzy Hónapja
I don't know what it was, but, "It's a rank in Devil May Cry" fucking slayed me. EDIT: If I ever get a VR headset this is a very accurate representation of how it would go for me XD
agarrison Hónapja
You poor man
DoctorLazers Hónapja
Gonna be honest, that headset took way more hits from a bat than I thought it would.
DoctorLazers Hónapja
Tried VR for the first time last week. Played Borderlands and Skyrim. I was always a skeptic of VR, but I was told that actually trying it was going to change my mind. NOPE! As soon as I tried it, it became clear how much they had to simplify and dumb down the games, just to make them work with VR.
Jojo Noob
Jojo Noob Hónapja
New episode of nickado avacado
Geeking Solo
Geeking Solo Hónapja
In two hours will be my birthday. And the only thing I really want is a new Jontron episode... Is that so wrong?
Pulled Pork
Pulled Pork 2 hónapja
Cool kids use Ctrl shift escape
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent 2 hónapja
Fu** it’s feb 2021 and I’m still watching old videos cause I’m starved of your new content! Please Jon just make a video of your favorite shampoo!? Anything just make us a video please
Rubiks cubezboss 2
Rubiks cubezboss 2 2 hónapja
I love oculus and I love jontron. The crossover was beautiful
*HellRay* 2 hónapja
8:12 The pandemic lockdowns in one Jontron quote.
evad_ _1131
evad_ _1131 2 hónapja
I have the exact same computer 😅
Magic Marker
Magic Marker 2 hónapja
8:48 when my mom prepares food on the table that I don't like
cryptic 2 hónapja
wait u dont need those camera sensor things anymore it just works now okay wait maybe i get this one or what
Birdelicious 2 hónapja
superman: Special guy
Dingus 2 hónapja
Why do I feel like Jon was gonna make an actual video but the rift got on his nerves so much this is it.
Godnicklol Gaming
Godnicklol Gaming 2 hónapja
6:00 nooo why would you break a good vr headset😭
Alicia Villa
Alicia Villa 2 hónapja
John I ate my Youtooz
KevoZebo 2 hónapja
This looks very intuitive
Sizzle Crisp
Sizzle Crisp 2 hónapja
7:00 is he using Crimping Pliers to try and cut a wire?
jack smith
jack smith 2 hónapja
my computer crashed while watching this as his was crashing... wtf...
Maybe Plays
Maybe Plays 2 hónapja
Me: watching the oculus get destroyed Also me: dying inside
Evan Marti
Evan Marti 2 hónapja
Slap an S on the JonTronShow and that'll make your self respect go back up.
JUMPYBOI 2 hónapja
Apple slaps anything on a new product with a couple new features and prices it $400 more
The clones
The clones 2 hónapja
Like the headset. Hate the software
the star sisters
the star sisters 2 hónapja
Spgett thing was pretty good
CCReddino 2 hónapja
The funny thing is I use the same pc as him XD
pekka 2 hónapja
Vr has come a long way since this video was released
Jordan Young
Jordan Young 2 hónapja
2:02 Stand User: JonTron Stand name: Oculus Catchphrase: *Watch out* Stand Cry: OCU OCU OCU OCU OCU Stand Ability: Basically a personal VR Headset
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 2 hónapja
7:48 ah John I can see you I have finally let pastafareinism into your heart
Chard 2 hónapja
The “S” stands for “Shitty” Facebook sign in... got ‘em!
FireFeather 2 hónapja
destroying that vr headset made me shiver!
Jack W
Jack W 2 hónapja
VR mukbang more like 10 minutes of jontron suffering
Alwyn Campbell
Alwyn Campbell 2 hónapja
F**k all that food.....he's wast....what im talking about?
geoshark12 2 hónapja
In other words buy an index
IsabelleTheStoop 2 hónapja
what. rip jontrons money
walter 2 hónapja
This is why I upgraded to the vive
cheese3821 2 hónapja
I’m going be every quest owner (yes I own one) O MY GOD U SOULD HAV GOT A QUEST
Alex Nikiforov
Alex Nikiforov 3 hónapja
This will be hilarious to watch in 10 years when this is very common and everyone knows how to use it. Kind of like when RFID tags that allow for contactless payment started to appear ~10 years ago.
Devin Giltner
Devin Giltner 3 hónapja
Oculus is shit tho, for real.
༄Its2Cloudy༄ 3 hónapja
JonTron reminds me of michael from the office
Muhammad Farhan Atif
How does he only have almost 7 million subscribers.
Bipp o
Bipp o 3 hónapja
This is a face of a broken man
sartorian darkstorm
you can tell oculus is owned by facebook
sartorian darkstorm
why would i ever buy a headset that requires AA batteries
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