Surviving Edged Weapons - JonTron 

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Director, Writer, Editor - Jon Jafari
Director of Photography/Line Producer - Sergio Emilio Torres
Camera Operator - Conor Murdock
Gaffer- Michael Shayne
Editor - Andrew Reynoso
Sound Mixer - Keaton Hild
Production Designer/ Prop Master- Lynell Vinuya
Leadman - Mike Butler
Carpenter - Robert Taylor
Makeup Artist - Maria Alexandra
Special Effects - Melanie Licata
Set PA - Aramis Klein
Assistant Editor - Lewis Bown

Teenage Sister - Tamara Chichian
Teenage Brother - Daniel Stompor
Knife Culture Guests - Charlotte Claw, Craig Ernest Woodward, Georgia Morgan, Philip O'Gorman
Thug/Swordsman - Joseph Hernandez
Knife Culture VO - Lewis Bown
Christmas JonTron Intro by Studio Yotta
Christmas JonTron Theme by Tom Ryan










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Travis Quick
Travis Quick 3 órája
Ah yes. My favorite job in a studio: mike.
Cer Burrows
Cer Burrows 8 órája
10.....million....views. Jesus
God 9 órája
"Shh, no witnesses."
Jodi Pearson
Jodi Pearson 10 órája
"Here's how to protect yourself from edge based attacks in one easy step" My dude, if a knife comes through a door, there is no way I am prepared for that
Alex Torre
Alex Torre 16 órája
At 7:23 the guys name is strange job
Dirk Week
Dirk Week 18 órája
I guess the British picked up on the knife culture a bit too much
TheNoob 21 órája
10:04 yep shes dead
Tommy MacWommy
Tommy MacWommy 22 órája
The Moral of the story is just use a f***ing gun! I mean for Christ sake this is America
Tallis Brown
it really should just be S and N. no really...just, just SN
Cristian Salas
Do you think I can do that for a while I think I have to wait for the rest
Solaire With an M9A1
Santa comes down the chimney, he drops off your presents, your brother sees him. Santa’s zweihander comes down on his face. That’s no Santa, that’s a giant dad!
Suleman Khan
Patient *dogue scarple * Doctor : so u have chosen death
vargen1414 Napja
Jail is never worth it
vargen1414 Napja
Imagine walking up to the door of someone who is expected to be a criminal without a cut resistant vest on
vargen1414 Napja
Bottles are both edged and blunt
vargen1414 Napja
Sweden has a knife culture as their king loves/loved knifes
Walter granados
How much money does he have and my question is why did he leave HUrun
The Land Miner
Trabajo extrano: strange job
ProNuked 2 napja
Dislike because I tried this and didn't survive an attack from an edged weapon
Cap’n 2 napja
10:32 has me dying
Royal Creepa
Royal Creepa 2 napja
Jon is just low-budget cinemasins and I love it
MrDreamcast 2 napja
"common household items can produce a lot of damage" That's a lotta damage!
Duke Sutherland
6:22 reminds me of dead ops arcade
Samuel Arana
Samuel Arana 2 napja
smens is bad ihave better stems sssss step one shoot step two shoot step 3 more shooting step 4 alot more shooting step 5 *s h o o t*
The Unfettered Opinion
I love the iron maiden poster in the satanic cultist's room :/ genre discrimination at it again.
in the cop skit i can hear the canadian in his voice
Zedkiller Bros
9:38 I'm sorry but as American I cannot take a Canadian accent seriously
Ostrich Psycotic
Aren’t guns just long ranged edged weapons? I mean, it pierces the body and it has an edge.
Robert Distefano
“Take cover Rick that knife is fully loaded” Is my favorite line
jelle therandomhuman
The meaning of neutrilaze is to comit a warcrime
smens is good
bryce anger
bryce anger 3 napja
no meme no shit
Shubhang M.S.
Shubhang M.S. 3 napja
"designed to kill when made contact with the Baady." That was too good
Jack Child
Jack Child 4 napja
the production quality is possibly the best I've seen... even two years later
Bru Santa’s knife looks like all the candy canes I have ate
Jinxed Pickle
Jinxed Pickle 4 napja
I’ve watched this 6 times
Robert Distefano
9:37 what was she tryna do🤔?
Some random guy on the internet
It was obvious jontron is santa
Solaire Solalalalalemon
Just top quality.
Emmett New
Emmett New 4 napja
to be honest just take the knife and BE THE HUNTER
William Jul
William Jul 5 napja
Ooooohhhh that’s Why no one has seen Santa
Alexander Hoffmann
The last part is just what a real American Christmas looks like
Hey Jon i actually have a claymore right next to my tv........ XD
Alex Vonora
Alex Vonora 5 napja
A holy Crusader
Joey Mario
Joey Mario 5 napja
JonTron watched Wheel of the Worst EP 16 and said "ima make a video on this shit show"
PS4sos21 5 napja
"The knife culture is still alive and deadly".. Yes, but in London in 2021 Is this upload a prophet of its future?
D Goo
D Goo 5 napja
0:39 complete fuck up until he saves it with a lovely backhand.
Joshua Norris
Joshua Norris 6 napja
I had an add for Warpath play (feat. JohnTron) mid way through the episode.
Leviathan 6 napja
Non-meme related bit the last part of the video was semi-usful.
Revkun 6 napja
8:32 wus good Patric Bateman how you livin
Nikolai Cardona
9:58 (Most) Cops when they see black people
Jordan Hougland
1:13 Doctor: The shot won't hurt, don't worry. The kid in the next room:
Kozmonauta 05
Kozmonauta 05 6 napja
3:27 Hood Morshu detected
Sophia Nardozzi
Seems like every cop training acronym starts with S now. Shoot first, figure the rest out later
NOOBMASTER69 7 napja
Nag-Dudes 7 napja
Only trust people with guns because they are ready for SMENS
DewottGamer 32
Note to self (and everyone else): keep a gun with you so if a guy threatens you with a knife, uno reverse card him with that glock
Chris Neill
Chris Neill 7 napja
I still just want to know who gave Jon a gun and who let him shoot at them.
Primaris Marine
My armor is great against any form of melee an ancient form of Terra can create.
Michael Cooke
Michael Cooke 8 napja
knives culture it's called living in the UK
Dan Hall
Dan Hall 8 napja
You literally copied redlettermedia. What a shame. Their video is way better and came out three years ago. Almost every video you talk about, they have done it first.
Matthew Callighan
was that an actual knife on the candy cane??? lol
Obviously, the smartest thing to do is catch any edge-based weapon with your bare hands, then snap it in half, confusing your enemy to the point of fade out
Jinxed Pickle
Jinxed Pickle 8 napja
I’ve watched this like forty times and it’s still funny
Lt Crescent
Lt Crescent 8 napja
Neutralize just makes me think of 'Stop! He's already dead!'
Waffles Hodjkins
Jon... Is that his real name? I do not care. He makes me happy
jonmariaol 8 napja
Shhhhh, no withneses
ilikemacsalot 8 napja
7:27 T̷̛͚͈̣͓͕͉͖̏̐̈́͗̅͌̈́͗́̉̚͘͜͜ͅh̷̨̦̦̳̘͓̯͍̫̹̚͜å̷̛̱͚͇͎̌͗̽͆̅̀̔ţ̷̫̹͉̟̫̜͕̬̎̓̄̌͂̕s̵̼̰̣͉̑̍̆̃̃̈́̂̊̊̊͌̉͒̏͛ ̸̩͉̜̇̆ǎ̵̱̼̀̌͆̋̆̿̈́͗̈̀̇̄́͝͝ ̸̢̜̩̣̬̩̺̭͚̃̇̓͐̄͛̊̽̀͋̏̀l̶̤̜͍̗̟̋̋͐̀̌̈́̋̅̏͂͠o̶̢̠͇͚̘͚̠̯̽͊̿̓̒͒̚͝͝͝ͅt̸̮̝̯̀̇̈̋͘ṱ̷̢̦̲̻͍͚̭̖̄̃̂͊͂́̑̽͊̊̀͝ͅa̵̛͓̾̔̈̉̾̌̓̚ ̷̨͓̗̹̟̗̫͕̅͛͐̀̈͘͜D̵̨̧͍̰̳̻͇̰̦̊Ą̶̗̫͂̈́̔̇̀̀̌̆́͛͘͝M̷̧̯̗̥͇͍̗͕͈̐̍̔̕Ą̴̤̔̌͛͂̾͐̏͑͐̈́̉̚̕͝G̵̡̡̗̖̞͚̞̤̗̼͈͔͙͐̈́̈́̉̈͌̐̑̊Ȩ̴̢͇̣̜̹̥̝͓̻̟̻͔̏̏̿̄̉͒͗̕͝ͅͅͅ
Un Chileno
Un Chileno 8 napja
Limedinosaur 8 napja
Omg that was sad at the start
Barrett Levenec
How expensive was the 20 second knife culture skit, Jon
carter beckwith
10:03 the sovit man
person person
person person 9 napja
1:35 look at those epic dance moves.
panther cap
panther cap 9 napja
2:58 jons new line of perfume looks great
Shark Poison
Shark Poison 9 napja
I discovered this movie on Red Letter Media! So good!!!
Ty Rembert
Ty Rembert 9 napja
This is why we have something called shotgun made for short-range engagement anyone thinking to stab you well think again
ControlFreak Official
Yes, now I know that Santa does murder naughty chidren. Thanks for letting us know Jontron.
AGeneric_ _Gamer
12:51 thanks mike
Cheshire Smile
those werent pens that was a butterfly knife
CrypticP 9 napja
I wasn't fucking expecting satanic panic in this police knife video
Dee McGann
Dee McGann 9 napja
Gotta say Jon... Your canadian accent is perfect
AP3X 10 napja
Santa’s knife-cane looks like the perfect Christmas skin for CS:GO knives
It says skilled people can draw a knife instantly, but anyone who know how to pronounce shit can get a knife out
The moral of the story: Ha ha gun go brrrrrrrrrr
R_3_H_A_B2 10 napja
8:26 damn that lady got a PHATTY but she got a ugly ass haircut
potatomanpeaches is cool
Anyone else get this randomly recommended to them?
ata yüksel
ata yüksel 10 napja
canadians dont need this.often the most dangerous kidnappers ask to get the kid and babysit them in canada
subkon ops
subkon ops 10 napja
John memes never die
7:07 Ryan dunn. Rip.
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 11 napja
Knife culture nearly vanished in America, since they *give GUNS to children* :D
Mehow80 11 napja
RLM has done it already and done it better
Paul Campbell
Paul Campbell 11 napja
12:01 There's always that one Santa that comes with nun-chucks
William Wludyka
William Wludyka 11 napja
Ahhhhh December 2019... when the world was normal.
Nicholas Diehl
Nicholas Diehl 11 napja
Not a joke! My actual responds when I see or hear Satanist around me. ! I told you to drop it pulls grenade
One And Only L
One And Only L 12 napja
What about the industrial light and magic guy?
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 12 napja
Funniest shut I ever seen
Brandon Cordero
Brandon Cordero 12 napja
Zak Epic9000
Zak Epic9000 12 napja
i didn't forget SMENS
Ventilicious 12 napja
Surviving Edge Weapons also know as SEW
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