Soulja Boy Makes A Video Game Console - JonTron 

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Jon Jafari - Himself
Magical Living SouljaGame - Sergio Emilio Torres
I'm tired - Yes I am
Jon Jafari - Director/Lead Editor
Mike Shayne - Director of Cinematography/Post Production
Andrew Reynoso - Editor/Production
Melanie Licata - Costume/Prop Designer
Sergio Emilio Torres - Production










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Harry Turner
Harry Turner 10 órája
He probably just wanted the cred from going prison
Snarkastic Douche
The reason the stupid console might be running slower than the dumb handheld is that they have the exact same guts; but the console is cooking them faster cause they didn't design proper ventilation.
BananaDoe Napja
How can you be a gamer and not know about how strict Nintendo is about copyright.....
bruh moment
ProNuked 2 napja
Soldier boy soldering, good one
Bryon 95
Bryon 95 2 napja
2 years already damn
ProNuked 2 napja
I love this cease and desist comment in the tweet
Sandwich Glitch
What's Irate doing here
Danda Lion
Danda Lion 2 napja
why didn't this man use capital gaming?
wade wilson
wade wilson 2 napja
its been 8 months since his last video and when the next one comes out it will crush the " normal boots" guys videos in views , they shouldnt have dumped him so they could virtue signal
Gavin__104 2 napja
KFConsole be like: finally, a worthy opponent!
Ak Hazel
Ak Hazel 4 napja
Jon... The new Soulja boy console is out-
danny donaldson
I am a real boy
Robert E
Robert E 4 napja
The fact that is supports RealMedia, of all things, is the cherry on top.
ProBotGamming 5 napja
One day he will just release the switch.
Rafael Luca de tena
coolzoky 5 napja
Soulja has a new console out get a new video ready
Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy 6 napja
Did you download Smash Bros?
Nameless Entity
Cool sweater.
bai9ary 7 napja
They got those Soulja Glasses down to a T
Versus 22
Versus 22 8 napja
Two years still nothing man it's like five year shipping
king of greece
We still do not know if John had that tag removed
composite bow
composite bow 8 napja
I'm 2 years late but incase it happens again a magnet should help, some others may require a type of key however
crabby gamer
crabby gamer 9 napja
Ready for a part 2.
That’s What She Said
the soulja-boy is actually an incredible name for that thing
James Votypka
James Votypka 9 napja
He’s releasing another one
Avram Lawl
Avram Lawl 9 napja
I honest to god think hes doing this to boost his reputation and make money on the side
Eddie Dingle
Eddie Dingle 10 napja
It definitely isn't lible, slander is spoken
Ben Metzger
Ben Metzger 10 napja
it’s 2 years later and i still really wanna know what happened at that party with those pants
Four headed mongrel
Holly shit, he predicted the death of mario 1:04
Daniel Paterson
Daniel Paterson 11 napja
They sold ya boy
Klonerater 12 napja
9:06 Deus Ex The Synapse kicks in. Can’t believe I found someone with culture.
AzureRoxe 14 napja
Years later, the idiot tried to do it AGAIN with the same bootleg console.
Like Button
Like Button 14 napja
That is the greatest sweater in existence.
Giga 14 napja
Soulja boy doubling down and going again... He won’t compete with the new kfc console
Ploosh 15 napja
Jontrons’ comments sections have more checkmarks than Walmart’s rollback
Someone’s Cat
Someone’s Cat 15 napja
Super Soulja bro’s; battle for the rap throne
snisps 15 napja
You got the RM, RMVB, AVI, MKV, KGB,MI6,CIA,FBI, etc
Chrisクリス 16 napja
The Fact the he is selling a knock off of a knock off with games that aren't even his games and is calling it his console really makes me lose respect for him
Bear 17 napja
Souljaboy tried to rip off all our grandmas!!! 😡
Jack Buckley
Jack Buckley 18 napja
I got an ad for warpath featuring JonTron on a JonTron video. Marketing.
H 18 napja
I'm alone and wearing headphones and those doorknocks at 7:55 scared the shit out of me... TWICE!
SlyHikari03 18 napja
Soulja boy tried... At least he did what he believed in...
derek johnson
derek johnson 18 napja
ah memories but at least soulja learned his lesson and never did the illegal activities a *checks soulja watch* nope he did.
Big Floppa
Big Floppa 19 napja
8:03 this is fire
Matthew Vanek
Matthew Vanek 19 napja
I mean you gotta have confidence in yourself but Soulja boy has made some very very dumb claims over the years. When he first came out ppl liked him but he faded away and tried to do this dumb shit but he’s just not capable of doing it. That’s all.
Nightquaker 20 napja
And now he's making another one!
Carlos Andrei Rocabo
I could've just download a emulator on my freaking phone
Da Beast From Da Weast
You need to do an update, Soulja Boy is claiming to be the original creator of the NES and most of the big name franchises like Legend of Zelda and Mario. He alleges that Nintendo stole his ideas and anyone who claims otherwise is fake news. Not even exaggerating at all
Antonis Tsagaris
Shigeru? 😂😂😂
Falon Donahue
Falon Donahue 22 napja
"I'm just a kid with a dream." And just like a dream it turned into a nightmare.
F.B.I SWAT Team Leader
I'm curious what exactly is a hand rope hole
Robert E
Robert E 4 napja
It's just a spot for a lanyard or a wrist strap.
margaret camacho
Real way *Authentic views* to get real LIKES , VIEWS .
Pooh Pasinski
Pooh Pasinski 24 napja
The scientific cougar oceanographically visit because title multivariably inform onto a testy cemetery. alcoholic, plant direction
Adama Camara
Adama Camara 24 napja
Dude was dropshipping
3:28 Fa... Father?
SilverDogMat 25 napja
“Soulja Boy’s got 800 on his! And probably half of em are yours!!!”
Kale Penquan
Kale Penquan 25 napja
This was so much cap that even Sakurai stepped in
Singing Sunflower
ever heard of receipts? wtf?
Emil Rivera
Emil Rivera 26 napja
To this day I wonder if he went with the security tag on his pants to the event...
Brandon Guidry
Brandon Guidry 27 napja
Tanveer Ul Mustafa
It should be called Souija board
mantasour 28 napja
I fucking love the natural light sweater
zrider100z 28 napja
Jack to RCA is a form of relying video in analog form. To be honest two cables work as a right left channel for audio and one is video
Raine 28 napja
i like it how whenever a youtuber gets accused of something morally ambiguous in their personal life like cheating on their spouse they immediately get torn to shreds by their so-called "fans" (even though that really shouldnt be any of their business regardless) but whenever a celeberty tries to blatantly scam their fans no one seems to care... why cant cancel culture go after someone who actually deserves it for once?
Robert E
Robert E 4 napja
My guess is it's easier to attack somebody if they're closer to your level.
Blastoise 28 napja
YOUUUUUUUUUUUU should buy my new console
MajinTails 29 napja
Soulja's trying this shit again. Just, sigh...
MasterBeef 29 napja
Finally, episode 2 of the famous jon tron video plug and play consoles
Nuckin Futs
Nuckin Futs Hónapja
"You're just a boy with a dream" lmao I'm late on the jon train but this dudes fucking funny
Carlton Banks
Carlton Banks Hónapja
Doubt JonTron has the rights to the outro song from Deux Ex 1...
DA-X 594
DA-X 594 Hónapja
The countless typos on the console feature diagram made me lose it. He really couldn't have tried less.
Robert E
Robert E 4 napja
It's all Engrish because it's just some bootleg console you can put your company's branding on. Which doesn't make it less funny, I'm just letting you know what the deal is with this thing.
Giovanny Maysonet
Who also is curious on what happened to jon trons white pants in 2021
Toby Grapes
Toby Grapes Hónapja
I got the JonTron warpath ad before this video.
Grant Gardner
Grant Gardner Hónapja
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch Hónapja
You know rca cables can convert to a 3.5mm jack but yeah this shit was ridiculous
Roblert05 Hónapja
Its been over 2 years but I still want to know what happened with those pants
Bibleandy3 Hónapja
He was jsut trying to come up a little using his rap reputation and he probably made some good money but he could have got in massive trouble.
Jrezky Hónapja
Why are none of them called Soulja-Boy???
Ooga Booga
Ooga Booga Hónapja
Big bruh moment
Inky 101
Inky 101 Hónapja
“A troll so good it takes your money” incredible
Snow Ball
Snow Ball Hónapja
Isn't he making another one?
Stuff 96
Stuff 96 Hónapja
Leon Douwma
Leon Douwma Hónapja
I still get you videos recommended.... please what's up man? Why no new videos?
eric moeller
eric moeller Hónapja
I think my Xbox one game speed is much much higher than that hell the super nintendos game speed is probably absurdly higher too
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Hónapja
Oh god...i just realized thatd the irate gamer in the background at 8:37
Shortbread Head
Shortbread Head Hónapja
I can't believe soulja boy soulja a soulja boy console not called soulja boy and souljas on thinking this is legal. Soulja
CanceriousIG Hónapja
Holy fuck this was 2 years ago??
Walter Hónapja
I don't know how people fall for douchebags like Soulja Boy. This shit is so pathetic. Even the journalists. They write articles saying shit like, "Aspiring tech mogul Soulja Boy releases his own video game console". They obviously didn't do a lick of research into what was going on. Otherwise they'd have understood that all he was doing was buying a shit console,full of bootlegged games, and then just putting his own name on it and selling it.
Robert E
Robert E 4 napja
"They obviously didn't do a lick of research into what was going on" Journalism in a nutshell. All that matters is the headline.
Shelby Steverson
Guys Soulja Boy is still trying to run a gaming company in 2021
Wolfman HCC
Wolfman HCC Hónapja
Its been 2 years Jon. Did it show up?
Michael Dearth
Michael Dearth Hónapja
Drink natural light eh?
Steven Diaz
Steven Diaz Hónapja
Did he Avon musk? Lol
Dusk Fall
Dusk Fall Hónapja
That graphics card price
The Weird and the Wonderful
The question is, did Jon ever get the ink off of them pants ?
Zenon 45
Zenon 45 Hónapja
I was wondering the same
Attila Pataki
Attila Pataki Hónapja
aaaaaaaand his back :D
RyuZxA Hónapja
Man, who need PS5 when you have SouljaGame
Formous Hónapja
This moron is back.
Ominous Onion
Ominous Onion Hónapja
deus ex was a great game
Crippling Depression
And his here again with his Soulja boy console...
Jaret Chapman
Jaret Chapman Hónapja
Who else is back because he apparently announced another console immediately after being released lmao
Dawson Vick
Dawson Vick 13 napja
Wait really? First i've heard of this thats hilarious!
_LuMo_ Hónapja
Old video but for anyone experiencing the same issue as Jon in the beginning of the video you can apparently just use a powerful magnet to remove the tag. This was used by the Lockpicking Lawyer.
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