Regis Philbin's Epic Workout - JonTron 

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Director, Writer, Editor - Jon Jafari
Director of Photography/Line Producer - Sergio Emilio Torres
Gaffer- Michael Shayne
Editor -Andrew Reynoso
Wardrobe - Charlotte Claw
Sound Mixer- Keaton Hild
Production Designer - Lynell Vinuya
Art Lead Man - Michael Butler
Carpenter/ Set Dresser - Trevor Lazinski
Carpenter/Set Dresser -Burak Aydogan
Set Builder - Robert Taylor
Jon Jafari - Himself
Sergio Emilio Torres - Himself
Andrew Reynoso - Himself
Michael Shayne - Himself
Lewis Bown - Dad Voice/Announcer Voice
"Lose The Wait" Score by Tom Ryan










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JonTronShow Évvel
Like if Regis inspired you to find out what those tendrils jutting out of your pelvis were.
I Hate Communism
Did you know that his nickname used to be "Ol' Gym Rat Philbin"? Yeah, bro, Philbin was something like a Mini Beast back in the day..Serious lifter, especially when it came to legs. The man should've been playing for the New England Patriots, but he went the entertainment route...the humble life, ya know?
Tristan McQuern
Tristan McQuern 3 hónapja
I never knew
Uriel Septim
Uriel Septim 4 hónapja
What's that noise?
Kunisake 5 hónapja
Something like the tendrils that come out of the Colossi
Elijah Henderson
Elijah Henderson 8 hónapja
Regis died today. We will all remember how to walk in remembrance of him.
VX stufzies
VX stufzies 20 órája
I watched the first part and I'm already confused at the beginning.
The Good Hunter
Ngl, Regis looks like my grandpa
Lyght Oak
Lyght Oak 7 napja
Why do i just hear "in praise of Gengis Khan" playing in the background
Goodguy Typhlosion
Czech Mate
Czech Mate 8 napja
So as long as you're working out you can be a traffic hazard?
Shed Life
Shed Life 9 napja
I just now got that JonTron is doing modern surrealism. It's weird how the stories arc, and we almost want to turn away, and then there's a twist, like when we see how films from inside a bag but then there's this giant Canon telephoto lens, that was like so meta
Elirix 9 napja
I feel like chadtronic is copying these
Spanish Navaja
Spanish Navaja 10 napja
Is that guys workout shorts... Quilted? Knitted? I like how everyone dressed individually for the workout video... Really says a lot. Bout what... You can decide.
B By
B By 10 napja
A.O.F. 16 napja
I have been 15 minutes trying to download "Lose the Wait" in pirate Bay...
Video game Pixel art
I am currently doing a like I’m currently doing workouts as well and that scene or he’s trying to put the phone on the receiver but he can’t move his arms is so accurate to your first day
Redrin Gaming
Redrin Gaming 22 napja
I lost it at the camera reveal xD
Vini Reclama
Vini Reclama 27 napja
Mina McVinnie
Mina McVinnie 27 napja
1:59 Jon: "kamelåsa!"
my name is weston and i remake your tweets
Dude, the fucking diet sam cola with sugar, fucking hilarious
I Hate Communism
My man, Reeeeeg, is freakin' shredded, bro. You can that Ol' Philbin is a gym rat. As a matter of fact, that's what we called him back in the day..Ahhhh, yup, Ol' Gym Rat Philbin aka Beast Philbin aka Something Like A Mini Beast..
Draven White
Draven White Hónapja
Ya boots still normal #3 imma stop numbing them now
Franco Viejo
Franco Viejo Hónapja
I wish I had the optimism and energy of the girl in the ponytail.
Micheal Thomas
Micheal Thomas Hónapja
Regis ain't gonna R.I.P. that dude is haunting a soundstage RIGHT NOW! Lolz!
Eli Animates
Eli Animates Hónapja
Workout disks by Jon tron “I’ll take your entire stock”
marine genius
marine genius Hónapja
Regis Philbin: Learning to be human again after a Pandemic
Anton Røjgaard Pedersen
good video, but i will not have this propaganda 5:41
pakuma3 Hónapja
Jon has very shitty friends
Honcho Penguin
Honcho Penguin Hónapja
I love the bong when the enter the room but when they move closer to jon its not on the table anymore
FFG 76
FFG 76 Hónapja
For the price of an entire year you too can destroy Iraq.
DJ Melville
DJ Melville Hónapja
autoplay this
elena mikaela
elena mikaela Hónapja
rip regis
Brynthian Bodkin
1:46 JONTRON SMASH!!!!!!!!!
FissleDissle Hónapja
“Hallo” -Joe Beijing
Forrest Redd
Forrest Redd Hónapja
There was a pair of scissors in the holder that was hanging on the wall next to the door... Just sayin...
Bunnypod Hónapja
It's actually on pirate bay. wow... and download.
Geeking Solo
Geeking Solo Hónapja
In two hours will be my birthday. And the only thing I really want is a new Jontron episode... Is that so wrong?
Mac of the North
It takes a strong man to escape the throws of a Mongolian throat singing k-hole
Saf_BrofaceVirtus 2 hónapja
Shock and awe
Mumkey 2 hónapja
Anyone would eat free nuggets though
giacchina 2 hónapja
That tinder shit is fact lol
HappyAipom Aero
HappyAipom Aero 2 hónapja
8:15 the bong 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eta Quince
Eta Quince 2 hónapja
10:19 the most genuine reaction🤣
X Ray Studios
X Ray Studios 2 hónapja
Did Jon Tron just out an ad within an ad? Is this what adception looks like?
azlanberesford 2 hónapja
That girl in the back in the pink T shirt is really going all out on those workout moves. Really put her soul into it
Lovely Duckling
Lovely Duckling 2 hónapja
The existential freed gets me every time, it's my mood 24/7
Chris Daigneault
Chris Daigneault 2 hónapja
Damn that girl In Pink is really into the workout.
OwlLee 2 hónapja
Can we just appreciate that Jon publicly embarrass himself for us
Apollo T6
Apollo T6 2 hónapja
I really love Cher
TheUltimateDumbass 2 hónapja
Love the doom hat
pook 2 hónapja
"this guy that tells you happens!" 🤣
DRONE VIKING 2 hónapja
I'm sorry you lost your Dad. I just lost both my parents a couple hours ago
Stormblade 336
Stormblade 336 2 hónapja
7:59 you can't hide throat singing from me
logan 2 hónapja
Your whole climate change crap is so out of place
Hidden Human
Hidden Human 2 hónapja
The letter was dated “1778”. Hidden jokes are the best
Corpsegrinders Neck
He sounds like trump with a plugged nose
Kaleb Claus
Kaleb Claus 2 hónapja
Bring back JT fitness!
Belthagor 2 hónapja
Why do i like this intro so much
Major the Lad
Major the Lad 2 hónapja
John Jofari...
dragonlogos1 2 hónapja
We laughed at the walking video but a lot of people will probably need the refresher after the lock down is over
morel von doom
morel von doom 2 hónapja
"GAIN ALL MY WEIGHT BACK, AFTER ONLY EATING 1 OF'EM" _The amount of _*_Truthiness_*_ behind that phrase is substantial_
nekotyto 2 hónapja
i have that same nintendo hoodie
drinaldi2000 3 hónapja
So, is Jon's daddums Markiplier?
DAT DUDE Productions
Puny HUMAN you have given us the secret for blending in with HUMANS thank you JON and especially Regis Philbin learning to be human again or as we call him ,(,(;,.’() ,.)’((,.
Dank Dar
Dank Dar 3 hónapja
Regis walked so jon could walk mildly faster.
Ursine Monkey888
Ursine Monkey888 3 hónapja
Jon’s upload schedule needs to lose the wait
Crown TV
Crown TV 3 hónapja
All of Russia is watching you with great intrest
djr d
djr d 3 hónapja
As a pokemon fan I was thuroughly confused
Eli Cabrera
Eli Cabrera 3 hónapja
I hate you Jon Tron you make me laugh to much man
Josh456 3 hónapja
Damn, Regis was looking like a bit of snack there...
Dutch Doggo
Dutch Doggo 3 hónapja
ngl i'd buy this workout video
StarChild 3 hónapja
i don't think this workout is gonna work for me, i don't do any, and i mean ANY of those activities like ever, so....
Lando Games
Lando Games 3 hónapja
Is........is that......c-can I get.....that tape lose the wait.....I-I want it
Skelly 3 hónapja
That bit about climate change that came out of nowhere was actually really funny imo, that random shit is gold
That One Youtuber
That One Youtuber 3 hónapja
Wow, this video was put up just under a year before Regis died...coincidence?
Rex Whitt
Rex Whitt 3 hónapja
8:38 *POW* letter from Jon’s daddums
Annon5 3 hónapja
Rip Regis
Taylor Moore
Taylor Moore 3 hónapja
Died when dude mentioned the Pirate Bay!
Lumpcrucket 3 hónapja
uuuh is it just me or does john look like hes depressed in this video
Lumpcrucket 3 hónapja
im funny man
1 0
1 0 3 hónapja
Bleaker St.?
1 0
1 0 3 hónapja
That’s a tall fuckin bong
Sebastian Leblanc
Sebastian Leblanc 3 hónapja
“Jon hasnt left his apartment for 11 days” and im pushing 11 months with far less choice
Lady Banshee
Lady Banshee 3 hónapja
This video made me really want nuggets
Just Colin in
Just Colin in 3 hónapja
10:55 best part
kalleyxx 3 hónapja
jon i saw the bong. dont try to hide it
angelina yerrd
angelina yerrd 3 hónapja
i love it when he drops things and screams fuck please drop more things for my entertainment
Thirsty Man
Thirsty Man 3 hónapja
4:34 Dude just walken around with a fucken TROMBONE
AACK SCREEE 3 hónapja
Please. I need that tape. Start off 2021 correctly.
Snack 3 hónapja
Regis looked fantastic for only walking. Rip he was cool.
Triplecast Sleep
Triplecast Sleep 3 hónapja
Most youtubers: Honey saved me $0.89 on a pizza! JonTron: I saved $280 on industrial cooling, use it.
Byrne Kahler
Byrne Kahler 3 hónapja
The dad actor sounds JUST like Markiplier
Max Power
Max Power 3 hónapja
"You'll feel like you did **this** for a minute" So true
Oliver Beattie
Oliver Beattie 3 hónapja
It looks like starburns from community is in the fitness class.
Mavishnaa Annba
Mavishnaa Annba 3 hónapja
Ah,of course my favourite exercise 'the existential dread'. I do it almost every day! Every effective.
sk84ever515 3 hónapja
8:15 bong and weed on the table. Hell yeah jontron!
Mighteer 3 hónapja
The desk flip part at 1:45 is why i freaking love this guy. SO random, SO stupid and yet i replayed and laughed my ass off more than im comfortable to admit
KRASS TV 3 hónapja
Climate change is as real as his abs, as shown in these three charts from institutes
Sporty Bunny
Sporty Bunny 3 hónapja
i've been doing the existential dread for the last 20 years
Isaac Nevins
Isaac Nevins 3 hónapja
Why does Jon have a bong?
No Name
No Name 2 hónapja
Probably because he smokes the epic weedz, like 99% of humanity does now.
David Dixon
David Dixon 3 hónapja
Wtf why am I only seeing this now?
RB Kommando
RB Kommando 4 hónapja
I could use a page of encouraging words from my dad.
Pifflesome Puff Nadder
7:25 "You can't just break a man like that and then- And then tell them to just carry on. I wonder where he is today?"
Pifflesome Puff Nadder
5:39 This poor dude still didn't get his scissors.
D P 4 hónapja
They spoiled coffee and broke a pot just for this video wow
Monke Dream
Monke Dream 4 hónapja
because I watched the first part I'm confused
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