Racing a NASCAR Driver - JonTron 

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Director, Writer - Jon Jafari
Director of Photography, Line Producer - Sergio Emilio Torres
Gaffer, Camera Operator - Michael Shayne
Editor -Andrew Reynoso
Sound - Matt Bunker
Assistant Editor - Lewis Bown
"Ride Along Car Supplier"
"Go Kart Facility"
"Short Track Location"










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Cristian Salas
Cristian Salas 21 órája
Bruuuuuum bruuumm RUUUUUuUbUbiubIubiubJHbku
My friend was at the Xfinity race, and I was at the Cup race the next day.
skelticcc Napja
well this is a race track
Austin Kilgore
Why did that actually scare me? Lmao 8:42
Austin Kilgore
That’s a very odd looking track.... it’s so small lol. Seems dangerous to have a full on NASCAR event there, like as if the person in first would riding right next to the person in last or something. Lol Edit: Oh I guess it’s called a “short track” lol
Ace Vadergames show
Jon “this is a high speed re-creation of Los angles traffic with less fatalities”
JG SLAMMER 2 napja
Lightning mcqueen: "the track is already lit "
Blue Flags
Blue Flags 3 napja
Theses 2 have great chemistry you can tell
Arif 4 napja
Garrett could hold his own! Such great banter.
Cédrick Michaud-Lavoie
He should do Dwayne the rock Johnson lol
Cyberdramon 5 napja
InmortalHD did AMAZING in this one
Austin Conrad
Austin Conrad 5 napja
Kevin Harvick is my favorite driver in Nascar
Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom 5 napja
I love how he stuck up for his track, "Well this is a race track, so..."
Shawn Garrett
Shawn Garrett 6 napja
Tanner Parks
Tanner Parks 6 napja
Racecars don't need headlights because the track is always LIT
TwitchCat YHLT
I praise the editor for his sense of humor
brodie morgan
brodie morgan 8 napja
Ashamed I wasn't subscribed sooner
Pratik Gurung
Pratik Gurung 8 napja
Next video idea: jonTron and francis ngannou go head to head in a 5 round championship mma fight
Grilled Leeks
Grilled Leeks 8 napja
So whats the story behind Garrett and Jons relationship? Were they already friends before this? He seemed so comfortable with Jons off the wall self xD
Shed Life
Shed Life 9 napja
I love how, at 13:50 Garrett know what camera to look at, in Jon's own setup. Jon is off looking somewhere else
Goodguy Typhlosion
LogicalPoop 10 napja
Sonic CD music. automatic 150% like
AJ Campione
AJ Campione 11 napja
that truck actually scared the hell out of me.
RussianGravy *
RussianGravy * 12 napja
“Race cars don’t need headlights because the track is always lit.”
Cesar Cortez
Cesar Cortez 9 napja
“Yeah well so is my brother but he still needs headlights”
mason christopher
I guess lightning wasn't lying when he said they where stickers
Sam Troth
Sam Troth 13 napja
Wait how did a NASCAR driver complete a go-kart track he has to turn right. This guys is good.
Vincent Loparo III
Mentions Gulags: Dr. Peterson appears and tells Jon to clean his room.
Aiden Wegner
Aiden Wegner 14 napja
Sorry, JJ Yeley, You Are Officially A Meme Now.
the sonic Lion
the sonic Lion 15 napja
i always thought that the 4 car was Kevin Harvicks car
Wouter Dekker
Wouter Dekker 17 napja
So did you meet Garrett through your Flex Tape sponsorships? How much did they pay you? Shouldn't there have been a disclosure on your Flex Tape video, about how it was a paid sponsorship? And how about this one?
Green shark
Green shark 18 napja
I don't remember watching this
Eboii Man
Eboii Man 21 napja
Did anyone else see the flex seal logo on garret his suit?
Klint Izwudd
Klint Izwudd 21 napja
"What's a gulag" Bless your innocent heart.
Baolyn 09
Baolyn 09 24 napja
Flex seal is a really reasonable sponsor actually. Because they can easily put the car back together with it.
Joseph Purcell
Joseph Purcell 25 napja
Is that Boss music I hear??
Nate's Page
Nate's Page 26 napja
his experience in banjo kazooie nuts and bollts will come into play here
Nate Bachelder
Nate Bachelder 28 napja
Race cars don’t need headlights because the track is always “lit”
Andrew Ferdico
Andrew Ferdico 28 napja
look at the sponser at 10:02
Political Party Newscast
The truck actually got mr for a sec
holling harris
holling harris 29 napja
9:00 hi eli
Ergh Hónapja
what's a gulag? what's a dissident? Yea ok, as a European I honestly didn't expect more for nascar.
becontrash topic
He is so sweatyyy lol 😂
Lord Scrapper
Lord Scrapper Hónapja
The racing gulag you drive go karts
gorillaz 2d
gorillaz 2d Hónapja
Well this is a race track
Ezra Brewer
Ezra Brewer Hónapja
We all know a "haha I win, you lose" personality like this.
MrNoName Hónapja
i like how garret smithy has flex seal as a sponsor
Moon Light
Moon Light Hónapja
miss you jontronshow
DrosIntentions Hónapja
Blaue Socken
Blaue Socken Hónapja
Jon Tron has seen shit, but no other shit like this.
StolenGoods Hónapja
john you dont need headlights when the track is always LIT
man you are terrible
3:19 Jon shoulda said "LETS DO THIS NORTH CAROLINA STYLE!!!"
man you are terrible
yes this is a tf2 reference
Xander Payne
Xander Payne Hónapja
“............well this is a racetrack” is literally the funniest thing I’ve ever heard😂😂😂😂
Yuuko Aioi
Yuuko Aioi Hónapja
Garrett Smithley is a great guy. I cheer for him every week when I watch him drive races on TV
aqua duud
aqua duud Hónapja
11:10 is this where they filmed ode to jon
Ryan Gilbert
Ryan Gilbert Hónapja
The dude was pretty chill until he gets into the car and all of a sudden gets serial killer focus sets in lol
bowieinc Hónapja
Maybe you could challenge him to a making a satire video challenge or a hotdog eating while exercising challenge?
DJ Melville
DJ Melville Hónapja
vrrrm vrrm
Goferboy 237
Goferboy 237 Hónapja
“Well this is a race track”
Tusk Act 4
Tusk Act 4 Hónapja
For about a second I thought the truck running over Jon was real
Malvyn Abelar
Malvyn Abelar Hónapja
Jon should’ve used flex tape to fix the transmission.
SQUIDNUT 69 Hónapja
Liam Williams
Liam Williams Hónapja
the fact that one of his sponsors is flex seal is amazing
Kash C
Kash C Hónapja
Race cars don’t need headlights because the tracks always lit. Yeah so is my brother but he still needs headlights
Geeking Solo
Geeking Solo Hónapja
In two hours will be my birthday. And the only thing I really want is a new Jontron episode... Is that so wrong?
Narsheguard Hónapja
Literal Nascar driver plays a VR racing game: "This is the coolest thing I've ever done."
Monster King Calamity999
Lol remember that time when Jon went to my state very near to my city to discuss Nascar 😂 Because God is smiling down upon us 😂
skyguy1230 2 hónapja
Garrett looks like a 14 year old in a 35 year olds body 😂
phileon 232
phileon 232 2 hónapja
Man my motion sickness kicked in just ny watching that
Jared Turner
Jared Turner 2 hónapja
15:22 i thought that truck was real for way too long
CalmComet SUOP
CalmComet SUOP 2 hónapja
Garret: *"Is that dinner?"*
Jake Messina
Jake Messina 2 hónapja
I have ridden in a nascar. Literally the most exhilarating experience ever, but it feels so much faster in the car than it looks from outside the car
Satan MorningStar
Satan MorningStar 2 hónapja
Garret is wearing flex tape merch in the be race lmao
JesseRoxII 2 hónapja
Whenever a HUrunr interacts with a "normal" person, I always wonder if that person is aware that the HUrunr is just joking around, or if they're actually uncomfortable with how weird they act. *JON:* "Hey Garrett, your racetrack looks like a gulag, you frickin' communist!" *GARRETT:* "...W-wha?" *JON:* "No no, I'm kidding." *GARRETT:* "Oh, okay..."
Austin Wasmund
Austin Wasmund 2 hónapja
I live in Hickory!!!!! I wish I could have been there
Simon Norden
Simon Norden 2 hónapja
I never thought I would see Jontron on the Grand Tour.
Tucker Dennis
Tucker Dennis 2 hónapja
Im surprised Jon didn't know the track is always 🙌💎🥶🥶🥶🔥🔥🔥lit🔥🔥🔥🥶🥶🥶💎🙌
Vacer gaming
Vacer gaming 2 hónapja
Brooooo I live really close to that place
Wassup Maddafuk
Wassup Maddafuk 2 hónapja
120 Miles per hour? That’s how we drive our kids to school. :) Greetings from Germany ✌🏼
Alesva 2 hónapja
Think ur confusing MPH with KM/H...
Splithead 2 hónapja
Southpark was right, nascar drivers are dense.
Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk 2 hónapja
If that butterfly did not mess Jnotron up there is no chance he would have lost
[redacted] 2 hónapja
Can’t believe Jon didn’t know that Racecars don’t need headlights because the track is always LIT
Evan Marti
Evan Marti 2 hónapja
Never thought I'd say this but apparently JonTron is smarter than a Nascar driver.
Furry Trash the movie
Ok but why is Garret kinda cute?
Naomi B
Naomi B 2 hónapja
garret was sponsored by flex tape????????????????
HawkingEngineer 19
HawkingEngineer 19 2 hónapja
Badass. Just. Nice.
It's Ya Boi
It's Ya Boi 2 hónapja
How does this man not know what a political prisoner is? I get a gulag, but a political prisoner? Seems like a chill dude tho.
Marcelo Zuniga
Marcelo Zuniga 2 hónapja
Best part 8:41
Genius Music Inc.
Genius Music Inc. 2 hónapja
Yeah that scared me for a second when that fake truck came 😆
thebeefmonsters 3 hónapja
Imagine like James Rolfe doing this lol.
HoldMyParachute Ark
I live near hickory
C Average
C Average 3 hónapja
Catching up on JonTron videos and I can say I didn't expect to have cola come out of my nose when I watched Jon go through a "Sir, this is a Wendy's" moment on a Nascar track. 0:57
Dakuu75 3 hónapja
5:54 "What's the weather gonna be like next week?" "Faster than you." lmao
Sten 124
Sten 124 3 hónapja
For you mason not for me
WESTERN SKYS 3 hónapja
Did Jon realize he sponsors Flex tape._.
Sticky Steve
Sticky Steve 3 hónapja
"what's a gulag?". Wow, what a dumbass
Roeland !
Roeland ! 3 hónapja
Love that Garret has a Flex Seal sponsership!
Searbhreathach 3 hónapja
oh the memories of Cars. "The track is always lit"
Bob Zilla1
Bob Zilla1 3 hónapja
I love how garret had no idea what a gulag was
Alter Arrow
Alter Arrow 3 hónapja
Is pretty cool, nice. More interested in Nascar than I was before, good job.
Tom Hubbard
Tom Hubbard 3 hónapja
"Well this is a racetrack..." FUCKING COMEDY GOLD. Actually died. I'm suing.
Pitty Man
Pitty Man 3 hónapja
Welcome to the gulag.
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