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JonTronShow 11 hónapja
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Zoe Guy
Zoe Guy 17 napja
@pragaro bliūdelis it’s called every colony ever
Zoe Guy
Zoe Guy 17 napja
@pragaro bliūdelis yes that exists
pragaro bliūdelis
Can they make adult nation
potatoe deets
potatoe deets 19 napja
I'm quite all right jon
You Got It Jon
Markus Prighurt
Markus Prighurt 4 órája
I was 8 when this came out I COULD HAVE BEEN ON THIS SHOW
Yo Pierre You Wanna Come Out Here
This is some weird Lord of The Flies concept except in a desert lmao, I assume they didn’t start killing each other tho. But in the right conditions....😰
Countess Marya Zaleksa Fan
Kidville of Easter Bunny is Coming to Town 1977 may have inspired this.
Mugeh 10 órája
1:25 video starts
Terla 11 órája
Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that Laurel is only Macaulay Culkin in a wig?
Ty Sandifer
Ty Sandifer 11 órája
You know craps real when a huey flies in
Terla 11 órája
Micheal is more of a leader than me lmao
owen hawkins
owen hawkins 13 órája
Atticus Kennon
Atticus Kennon 15 órája
This is just 25 minutes pf Jon making fun of children
MR_Grimm 210
MR_Grimm 210 17 órája
And your leaders will be! "Drum roll" the brainiack,the drama queen,the hippie,and the average Joe no one can remember the name of!
Oranges are cool
Oranges are cool 18 órája
This is just a child friendly version if the hunger games
Peppermint Catsass
Peppermint Catsass 20 órája
Didn't Jeffrey Epstein do a version of this also.
Duel Napja
“The Book says to divide by color.” Yeah, I think we’ve already did that in the 1960’s.. it kind of started a whole protest.
Charlie Premo studios
Jimmy is the real survivor. He made the right choice to leave while everyone is going power-hungry.
Super Goodle
Where’s JonTron
Chase Dufty
Just realized armadillo in rdr is based off that town
Bobdapro 64
Part of me wants to have been there so I can flip off the camera
Enton Duck
Enton Duck Napja
Wait I saw you somewhere
Annoying Rat
What exactly happened to you 3 years ago Jared? What happened?
1xoACEox1 Napja
Did they complete the show? Id love to see Jon do a video on every ep omg im dying :')
123youernt Napja
did this dude really go to the middle of nowhere for some 5 second skit
David Contes
David Contes 2 napja
Could you just imagine some being crazy enough to reboot this show in 2021
Siens 2 napja
Pioneers from the 1800's: moved to los angeles Also pioneers from the 1800's: are fine now
TRIVIA Enterprises
Jon has so much random crap in his basement
ThatDumbass 2 napja
Wackadoo Willy's Wild Adventure
i would have loved this as a kid.
Terrible animationTM
they didnt get paid for this so its child slavery right??
The Eradication
The futuristic colony management game
ProNuked 2 napja
Well, I've seen enough internet for one day, time to hop into the sun (And I really wish I watched this when it first came out)
tdog 2 napja
Anyone else think Laura looks like Macaulay Culkin
caleb bowen
caleb bowen 2 napja
is no one gonna point out he said Muhammed Ali and they used a pic of Gandhi
Max Furious
Max Furious 2 napja
Thank goodness I was not on the show, I would have created a ruse for me to usurp government power.
Trevor Hunting
sarge 2 napja
royla4 2 napja
France its now or never France: LA RESISTANCE
Kaytoun 3 napja
I thought I was the only one to remember this show. I remember watching this as a kid myself thinking that this was fucked up. 😂
Michael Corteen
They should do a reboot, but instead of kids it's karens
Tyler Overby
Tyler Overby 3 napja
Would be funny if the whole show was a sting for child endangerment.
Nathaniel Parkinson
*Screams in children of the corn*
maybe its madi
I wanted to give Jimmy a hug so badly the whole time 😭😭 poor baby
Tecky Decky33
Tecky Decky33 3 napja
I was really Expecting the second option to be a shotgun and that point
Primarina Princess
I literally watched this show unironically when I was younger with my family. Looking back on it, GOD WHAT A NIGHTMARE.
el mono
el mono 3 napja
So basically Child Abuse: the reality series.
PianoMan 3 napja
The fact they didn't know it was blue really hurts me
Chris Kilgore
Chris Kilgore 3 napja
You dig a hole to find the finest water When I mean finest water, I mean Jesus water 💧
One Nerd95
One Nerd95 3 napja
*THIS IS LITTERALLY THE WORK OF BLUE* 10,000 IQ play right there...
Merantauu Plays-Old-
"Sorry you didn't get, like Fear Factor." Fucking broke me lol
Jorgejn Chavez
Jimmy 8 the youngest my mind went tf he hasn't even made it to the camp and he already ate the youngest
Super Simon
Super Simon 4 napja
was this just a hostage situation in disguise?
AmyBot 4 napja
was that oneychris
Fallen_Hero 4 napja
I wouldve set up a Monarchy if I were there.
Error 242
Error 242 4 napja
Omg Jon looks so unhealthy
husky19864 4 napja
wow, its most shitty show ever
William Chamberlain
Anyone remember the mortality rate on the Oregon Trail?
Steel 4 napja
I'd love to see a reality TV show where they drop a bunch of adults in an 1800s town and see how they do.
Varagonax 4 napja
Ah yes, brilliant. The game show where we traumatize kids by forcing them into adult roles for a few weeks purely to see if they can be adults at that age (btw, they can there are hundreds of examples of young kids having to grow up very fast on the street) causing the need for years of therapy.
Cody Garton
Cody Garton 5 napja
i wonder if any of the kids got a gold star that was actually worth anything or if they were all toys r us knockoffs
Cinnamon Sun
Cinnamon Sun 5 napja
15:59 is the best part.
Alec Salgado
Alec Salgado 5 napja
I know it’s probably never gonna happen, but I’d love to see a part 2 of JohnTron reacting to the series
Caius The Gamer
This host was the bully at his school
Oscar Brown
Oscar Brown 5 napja
I'm just imaging me and my homies in this situation
Gage, the King of Ass
This reminds me of the Conviction arc from Berserk.
Ethan Wilson
Ethan Wilson 5 napja
Bad comershal
Aqua Tv Squid show
I watched all of kid nation and Sofia wins multiple stars and honestly jared deserved a star!! They even tease givin him a star he started selling the other kids necklaces and other things he made with wood and a magnifying glass he was big brain out there.
Im Roi
Im Roi 5 napja
Last one alive gets to go home
Not the real god person
Feels like it just live action surviver
Rafael Luca de tena
Those kids are grown ups now, where are they? Show yourselves
Why wasn’t Michael a leader?! He united ALL of the kids singlehandedly, while one of the leaders cried like a little B I T C H!!!!
Fucking grown man trying to peer pressure a child to stay in the wilderness.
RiverWren 6 napja
Danganronpa: Wild West
John Findorff
John Findorff 6 napja
It would've been great to see Jonathan Karsh's reaction if everyone chose to leave at the first town hall meeting.
I will invaid Poland
Polish lives don’t matter
props to the shows producers for knowimg dividing by colors\groups would cause natural competitive beef... sad that they purposfully messed it up though
i cant stand pagent girls... jesus
of course the indian kid picked every leader who didnt wamt british in there country 😂
John Jones
John Jones 6 napja
First time I ever seen you, enjoyed the video
YouTube thoery alex
French jon is the best
América María Ferraz Mesa
funny enough, that wasn't the First Kid's Nation. There was another one already existing in Spain, tho it was more of a circus, they also had their own city and everything
Hussain Alfardan
I can never find those missing kids alive there always in body bags😠
SuperGinger 6 napja
Why didn’t they give them horses? The pioneers had horses, is it maybe because you didn’t trust them to look after a living thing...kindalikewhatyourmakingthemdonow.
Matt Animation
SKINEAD 6 napja
who else just thought of tumbleweed from rd1 seeing that old mexican town
Harvey Milne
Harvey Milne 7 napja
This is tame compared to a show called 10,000 BC. Had 2 seasons then got axed but there were no games to win prizes. The contestants were given pelts for clothes and a camp and that was it. They had to hunt, build and get water themselves. Loads of people got diseases and needed medical support.
CZ CQC 7 napja
I wish at the end Jimmy said fuck this shit I’m out
Big Willy
Big Willy 7 napja
Jimmy why do you wanna go home? Jimmy: IM 8!!!
Nobody: The theater kid when they have a question: 21:58
林聖偉 7 napja
Wait... this was what pewdiepie wanted to see 😆
Courtney D
Courtney D 7 napja
I remember watching this on t.v omgg
luca hart
luca hart 7 napja
i counted the kid on the screen and we be missin 11 kids
Colbly longhair
miss you dad
Hunter Ansorge
World peace for one continent
Noive 7 napja
What’s sad is that, most if not all of those kids are more mature than me.
Finally, reality tv that’s actually interesting
Jog Fastson
Jog Fastson 7 napja
If they formed a dictatorship this would have turned out A LOT BETTER. (Also I love democracy)
godzilla gaming.studios
I thought you say army kid
Tyler Schnepf
Tyler Schnepf 7 napja
I love how an fricking 8 year old says on TV for the whole world to see “Imma die out here” 😂
Nathan Charpentier
Whenever someone finds a missing child they should say "I found the rarest of children!!"
Chancellor Palpatine
This was made before hunger games. I think this was the inspiration
ImSolidSwag 7 napja
19:10 he gets so worked up punching his hand. I love it.
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