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JonTronShow 11 hónapja
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Some Dude
Some Dude 17 napja
Jon tron is large
Luke Baugher
Luke Baugher Hónapja
how do I meet this ridge
Enzo Clark
Enzo Clark Hónapja
All done with doing that and I love the wallets!
Dukefishmom Hónapja
Woof Woof
Woof Woof 2 hónapja
Jon, why did you kill Jimmy, Why?
CaptainJunebug99 32 perccel
Jesus Christ died for you. Believe in him and you shall be saved. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life“. - John 3:16
MrHydra12 6 órája
7:37 *laughs in texan* oh yesssss we caaaaaaaan gooooodbyyyyye evil fuckers. 😂
Melon Gripper
Melon Gripper 9 órája
I still need to know what happened to that kid three years ago
SomeWhiteGuy :D
SomeWhiteGuy :D 15 órája
The thing that really sucks about jontron, is that his content is all quality over quantity. His videos are so fucking good. But we don’t ever get enough of him
Patrick Rioux
Patrick Rioux 19 órája
Sorry peta 😂😂😂
Vakaris p
Vakaris p 22 órája
this lis like eric andre plus between two ferns
Tim Purcell
Get more kids from kid nation jimmy is hilarious.
Lmao Nice
Lmao Nice Napja
where are you jon
The Rational Tranny
This guy is amazing lmao
Seapop311 Napja
rewatching this i cannot get over how much he looks like zach aguilar...
Cam Reeds
Cam Reeds Napja
lmfao i cant breathe
Furz Nugget
Furz Nugget 2 napja
I think that it isn’t jimmy and this is the ultimate form of stolen valour
Zachary Archbold
When are you going to make a new video?
Trevor Hunting
Joeseph Moore
Joeseph Moore 3 napja
Wait...the kids name was Jared...he was a kid back then...was this subway guys origin story cause molestation usually cycles so is that kid thee Jared?
Damien Bell
Damien Bell 3 napja
From 1:19 to 2:10 Jon is Eric andre
Landon Keith
Landon Keith 5 napja
top ten saddest deaths number 1 baked bean RIP
Hemesfere 4 napja
Rafael Luca de tena
Okei, now I can figure that this whole thing was some kind of spiritual revenge against the kids that bully the guy who make the show back in his days of elementary school.
penis man
penis man 6 napja
RachiFam Nate
RachiFam Nate 6 napja
sssssss a tire
Nora Iconiq
Nora Iconiq 6 napja
I always saw the show as survivor but with kids. Still a pretty bad idea because in survivor they only intervene if your about to die or seriously injured. While kid nation sounds like three steps down from that.
ZzaTinN ZzaTinN
Jon: "What's Oncology?" Jimmy: "Cancer." best exchange
Isaac Zamora
Isaac Zamora 6 napja
Jimmy looks like Gaston if he was a nerd instead of whatever he was.
The merchant Of 117
I would pay good money to see more interviews of kid nation contestants which lead to Adult Nation hosted by Jon and Jimmy
Colt Ice
Colt Ice 6 napja
And Jimmy was never seen again.
MindTroll The Great
Ty for ridiculised the situation it help a lot in youre contry
Thomas Jack Potter.
Jon stop talking for five fucking minutes
FinnTASTIQ 7 napja
That's 6ft? You guys are GINORMOUS
sinephase 7 napja
The one girl was 8, too, but they kept singling him out LOL it's like they could smell his weakness :P Good thing he left that hell hole, though! :D (I hope you did actually pay him LMAO)
sinephase 7 napja
There's a torrent of the episodes ;)
sinephase 7 napja
OMFG I hope he uploaded the episodes somewhere XD
Mr Rampage tls
I feel like this would be sp much better if they got teens. At least they have some survival skills as well as so much more drama
falco niemeyer
it started on Eric andre and ended on joe rogan
David Franzen
David Franzen 7 napja
If it makes you feel any better Jon, I also didn't know what oncology was.
Glenn Douglas
Glenn Douglas 7 napja
I thought Jimmy was one brave m/f. He was like.. im 8, I hate it here, don't care what anyone thinks, I'm going home... Legend✌️
Ramko Zhuban
Ramko Zhuban 8 napja
Poor Jimmy's laughter is the sign of a broken man. He was robbed, abandoned, abused, and never got to recover
Jake Covert
Jake Covert 8 napja
2nd comment here HE REALLY PRINTED A STAR 🌟 OMH
Jake Covert
Jake Covert 8 napja
I got an ad for Disgaea RPG and I haven't played that since I was Jimmys Kid Nation age 🤣 seriously grinding thru with my prinny army and laharl. Damn I miss that game
Jason Kurtrix
Jason Kurtrix 8 napja
Should get Jared, he based as fuck
Töte Mich
Töte Mich 9 napja
Does anyone else find Jimmy really hard to understand for the first half of the interview? Like he doesn't enunciate his words and he stutters a lot
William Ferrandez
jimmy seems like a pretty nice guy
Simon Hass Nilsson
17:51 , well to be honest that is a horrifying thought, Jimmy stars in the long awaited sequel to "MONSTURD", Monsturd 2: the shittening aka Monsturd 2 : it came from the bowl
Caliphate 9 napja
Dude at 23:37 jimmys reaction to john’s question, you could tell he was tout her by what John said
Nolan Beland
Nolan Beland 9 napja
Ok I’m 100 percent sure this guy taught me karate last year victory academy Illinois tell me he was there this guy looks like him so much
William Johnson
i think i would do well if i was working a store (acquires rockstar foxy voicelines) YA- HARR. HOW MAY I BE OF SERVICE TO YA?!
Doc the Snom
Doc the Snom 9 napja
Why was this video so reminiscence of The Eric Andre Show
Jimmy got cheated out of a gold star THREE times now He probably doesn’t even trust Marioparty
ky uhhl
ky uhhl 10 napja
b e a n s
Mr. Hippo
Mr. Hippo 10 napja
Jon: Hey Jimmy, before you go, which do you regret more, Kid Nation or Jontron? Jimmy: ... this has been a pretty shitty experience- Jon: Yeah *fwuck* you dude im gonna [leaves]
TheHiddenOne 10 napja
Dude the End had me crying in tears not gonna lie... The weird silence when printing the star was gold
Shed Life
Shed Life 10 napja
I loved how gracious Jimmy was. As JT said of himself, he's not an interviewer, and Jimmy seemed comfortable with the whole thing. I had thought, "I want to see more JonTron interviews but as someone else pointed out here in the comments, "this is simultaneously one of the best interviews and one of the worst interviews i’ve ever witnessed"
Luke Storm
Luke Storm 10 napja
i died when he did the printing slow thing
Bono Giamboni
Bono Giamboni 10 napja
Why the fuck did jimmy go from blond to black hair? Also, gotta love how almost any question in this interview could have been answered with "because i was eight".
maybe its madi
@Bono Giamboni lols
Bono Giamboni
Bono Giamboni 3 napja
@maybe its madi fair enough.
maybe its madi
Most kids have light colored hair for some amount of time in the beginning of their life. Also, it wasn’t really blond or black, it kinda went from a light brown to a dark brown.
drewstroyer 10 napja
_CosmicCamel 11 napja
i made it.
Blank ______
Blank ______ 11 napja
Jimmy kinda looks like Anthony from smosh
SharkSandwich 11 napja
TDI on steriods
Zombie Halo
Zombie Halo 11 napja
Jon reminds me of eric Andre
F3R4LPWN13 11 napja
Getting some real Between Two Ferns vibes here. Good shit.
amanda 12 napja
i want to give jimmy a hug.....
Femboy Hooters
Femboy Hooters 12 napja
Ok here me out we do a remake that’s better supervised and we’re we actually feed them and give them food set in Chernobyl.
Tost brot
Tost brot 12 napja
That dude could make so many followers on youtube
Hackinit 13 napja
I would love to do this
Juicy Splosh’s Apex shorts
He looks like Anthony from smosh
Goodguy Typhlosion
Jimmy is a life savor
IlGrande MrF
IlGrande MrF 13 napja
Why does this remembers me of TOTAL DRAMA?
ShonenFanboy 194
It's close, but with kids.
Megamix 13 napja
Damn, Jon is kind of an a-hole. :/
MIKEY VEE 13 napja
We need more kid nation! Watch more episodes and interview more people
Xx_Insidious Frame Breaker_xX
The question on everyone’s mind is jimmy still 8
Hugh M.
Hugh M. 14 napja
Noah Zork
Noah Zork 14 napja
I get that this is awesome beyond belief but... It makes me feel super old.... especially since I watched these videos back to back in 2021... also why does jontron not age.....?
Molorange 14 napja
He looks like the characters that Zac Efron plays if those characters were real
kostasviper 14 napja
Dude, Jimmy is one cool dude!! Would love to see more interviews or stuff with him and Jon!! Don't know in what context (since they have covered Kid Nation), but damn, that was fun to watch!!
Bobby Welches
Bobby Welches 14 napja
*sssss a tire*
Ben Khaleq
Ben Khaleq 14 napja
How did his hair go from blonde to brown tho
maybe its madi
Most people have light colored hair for a while in the beginning of their life, whether they’re born with blond hair and have brown hair a year later, or keep it until puberty. My entire hair texture changed halfway through my life so 😐
ABXP 13 napja
Dye or just his hairs gotten darker through the years i had really blonde hair when i was young ive got dark hair now
Mishomish0 14 napja
Jontron's foundation ends at edge of his face making him look like a party clown.
Ian Sanzari
Ian Sanzari 14 napja
The McDonalds QR code is not what it seams it’s a dancing pickle I tried it 😭
Kacper Gerhardt
Kacper Gerhardt 15 napja
QG 15 napja
1:48 about made me cry with laughter for absolutely no reason
Goofington 15 napja
Jimmy looks like Jon’s son
endplanets 15 napja
"Wuss. You cried like a little kid." "I was a little kid." "Excuses."
Titus Winslow
That's teenagers for you
Bando Alley
Bando Alley 15 napja
Yooo this had me crying 😭😂😂
Babylon98 15 napja
The start of this felt like The Eric Andre show
AgreeableSmile 15 napja
fun fact: The QR code at the end is just a pickle gif You got me this time JonTron...
Andrew Joergensen
@AgreeableSmile i tried but it was too difficult
@Andrew Joergensen you can just scan it for yourself
Andrew Joergensen
can you link it
Elite Gamer
Elite Gamer 15 napja
dropping those beans is so relatable
alex ello
alex ello 16 napja
Jimmy was restricted by a NDA he signed when he was 8 and couldn’t go into full detail. But at the same time he couldn’t remember what the NDA was about and thus This is my headcanon
Naughty Vixen
Naughty Vixen 16 napja
He's hella cute...
acespcter14102 _
Can we get more kids from kid nation plzzzz
SUPER _DOGGO69 16 napja
Didn’t Jimmy have blonde hair?????
mheners 14 napja
Some people are blonde when they’re younger but it turns brown
SP Mask
SP Mask 16 napja
14:45 Jontron: I can't believe anyone can just silently like.... Jimmy: Yeah, kinda heartless. Me: Kinda Heartless? That is the definition of Heartless.
StuG Life
StuG Life 17 napja
That production assistant seems like a nice guy. He was like damn this poor kid still has to wait even longer until he can see his mom. Let’s take em to the mall. Dude probs didn’t have too. Nice to hear tho. Gives me hope that not everyone is a sick fuck
Smelly 17 napja
Jimmy grew up to be a magnificent young man!
Xander 4469
Xander 4469 17 napja
Do another kid nation interview!
Captain Jett
Captain Jett 17 napja
Fucking love Jimmy, what a champ
lampini 17 napja
I wonder if jimmy was a fan of jontron or at least watched a couple of his videos
Yuppi 17 napja
Can't believe you managed to follow up like this. What I kinda wanted to know if he ever got to acting as a kid after that. Or older.
AlakepJ 17 napja
Jimmy’s face when he heard he was getting a star and then the change in expression when the printer turned on
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Kids drink bleach? They recover. Kids watch Bleach - scarred for life.
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