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Josh 90000 P
Josh 90000 P 26 perccel
Rip beeny
Assailant 6 órája
The coochie candle caused coronavirus.
super bacon24
super bacon24 8 órája
Jontron 2020-The show must go on.
Microwaved Banana
Microwaved Banana 14 órája
Please comeback
Not Kai
Not Kai 13 órája
sdrawkcab esrever
sdrawkcab esrever 15 órája
Press F to pay respects to beany
Brovid-19 16 órája
Iceman from the X-men movies was a better Iceman
Franklin Russell
Franklin Russell 18 órája
This man got in the damn pool with his socks on 😂
Easuw Raxwell
Easuw Raxwell 22 órája
"can you tell me what maps is?" That didn't age to well
Vlad T
Vlad T 22 órája
Ayeee Alex Jones 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽
TreckooEks 23 órája
Her assistant is such an ass kisser, must be hard to motivate yourself to do this kind of work
Stephanie Gifford
And not to ridicule women for their body sizes, but I think we all know which "Shrek" the psychic is referring to
Stephanie Gifford
Has nobody on this show ever participated in their local Polar Plunge? Oh wait, that benefits charities. Doesn't make them personal money. Disregard!
Hope the goop team fall off a cliff :)
Cameron Mowat
hold up no one is talking ab the fact the fact that these people think 7 celcius is cold? thats warm in winnipeg!
Ya, are we missing something? In Canada it's -5 and it's not cold, I'm confused
Canal Homeostase
"Who's that? Jennifer anniston??" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I lost it in this part
Alt F4
Alt F4 Napja
Bro not even urban dictionary knows what a damn food editor is
Peter Napja
Question to ask to be a medium 1. try to pretend your guessing the name the "spirit is trying to tell you" as you say some of the most common letters in name for your culture. Try to coax the person into revealing the name. 2. Start mentioning statistical common stuff like way of dying. 3. Reassure the person emotionally. 3. Take your payment and fuck off.
ProNuked 2 napja
Just knock me out dude, knock me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joeseph Moore
Joeseph Moore 3 napja
7:50 I'm worried for you John.
Slayingcube 3 napja
I like the spy and medic screams
PhantomDriver 3 napja
That psychic "accidentally reading Lindsay" is so bullshit. Basically she was spitting vague clues and when the girl didn't bite someone else did. Alternatively she did research trying to find some information on the skeptic and when she couldn't find that she found out about Lindsay and used it as a "wires crossed but my powers work" bullshit
Unbeatable Toriello
That's right, ice-man
HurrDaDur. 3 napja
they are actually the INSANE CLOWN posse!
pluto 3 napja
love the tf2 screams
clone commando 8290
the goop lab:....i'm stupid, you're stupid...gweneth paltrow is better than everyone and payed for her validation...i hope she gives me her shit for a souvenier (im making up some nonsense....quick lindsey please make yourself cry for my fake psychic ass to fall back on something to secure my job)
Renata Blake
Renata Blake 4 napja
Is John married or why is he wearing a Ring? :DDDD
William Garlitz
I just realized when he’s hitting himself it makes the doom shotgun sound effect
heavygamer93 4 napja
If you wanna swim in ice cold water, just drink vodka. I learned that from apetor.
LegenDairy 4 napja
18:09 knocked me over
J. 'Chilly' Dawson
the lady next to Gwen... whatever, she looks pissed like most the time like, raise your eyebrows, PLEASE. Christ... Fucking giving me anxiety how mad she looks its in her eyes smile, woman, like, you get to do childish sh*t for Lols on a company pay most of us just get to go on vacation and have to pay for it ourselves.
Scott Winfrey
Scott Winfrey 5 napja
Youre SUPPOSED to work out when youre fasting. Dumb bitch.
Jorge H. Norat Arriaga
Is goop a cult??
horst peter
horst peter 5 napja
1:01 when u eat ur gf out
rily E
rily E 5 napja
I want to learn how to breath too
Trash Goblin
Trash Goblin 5 napja
was she like... judging her apperance when she said ''trip to mexico?''
Shiru Otakuno
Shiru Otakuno 5 napja
6:10 This aged like wine.
NEET Kitten
NEET Kitten 5 napja
>water is 7 degrees Celsius >"thermo-shockingly cold" >"hypothermia" Well clearly these guys have never been to Canada before. That's a pleasant swim for us.
Helow [GD]
Helow [GD] 5 napja
toad when toadete dumps him: 7:52
Kagji 5 napja
"The body is multidimensional" True, we have a 4d structure and a little time egg thing attached to all of us. But you can't feel it, and certainly not from several feet away
dylan bates
dylan bates 5 napja
everyone in that group are fucking karen’s and smell like beef
Sky Makai
Sky Makai 5 napja
“Now go make me a coffee.”
Universal Warlock
Has anybody realise that Jon has the periodic table on his shirt lol
Christós Anésti
A bunch of jobless people pretending to hold a job because a cult-leading celebrity is gaslighting them into drug use. Now THIS is prime Netflix television.
catastrophe 6 napja
i would watch the hell out of a jontron show ! he cannot be contained to such small time frames
Real King
Real King 6 napja
he said it was immoral to eat the large gummy snake with a snake family but he just drank beany's brains like they were *nothing*
John Findorff
John Findorff 6 napja
"Psychedelics are back" I'm pretty sure psychedelics never went away, they just weren't referred to as such as often than they used to be.
Krumpus Plunk
Krumpus Plunk 5 napja
i'm a bit disappointed that MAPS has agreed to appear in a goop show though...
...Actual people outside of goop actually believe that rolling around on the floor on magic mushrooms for 40 hours is a "spiritual experience."
Hexted 6 napja
Idk man the way he was looking at the guy holding him when he was tripping didn’t seem like a dad thing it looked really sexual
Garret Jenkins
I want a homie that goes hard for me as much as Elise goes hard for gwyneth
Vojtěch Kareš
It's sad that there's people like Wim Hof who give the practice of cold water swimming (or just showering is good enough) a bad name. There indeed are _minor_ health benefits, mainly cause your body goes 'Oh shit, I'm cold, I better start pumping blood'. But none of this magical "alchemist of life" bullshit.
Glade Jams
Glade Jams 6 napja
7 degrees Celsius? thats some baby temperatures.
Lovevideos Collection
If i didnt have a sense of morality, i feel like i would be the richest mf on my area by taking advantage of peoples insecurities and beliefs. So many people out there are getting money out of this. Whos the idiot in this? The one selling this gunk or the ones who are actually buying those products or services? Cause the person can say whatever they want but if theirs people actually paying for what their offering, then i cant really blame them for selling it. Making easy money really.
Yum yum It’s Appletum
Where has jontron been
Snarclaws 6 napja
So is this The Goop Lab: Jontron edition or is this Jontron: The Goop Lab edition.
Yumi 7 napja
Barack Ohyeahyeah
Goop's insane but the icemans's legit, even if he says some silly shit sometimes
Krumpus Plunk
Krumpus Plunk 5 napja
the MAPS thing is also legit and does not consist of a bunch of jamaican shamans but is doing clinical trials in the us
skatelife 7 napja
That light source bit perfectly describes what mushrooms feel like lmao
Zayden Gates
Zayden Gates 7 napja
23:47 is good
baby bear
baby bear 7 napja
I’m ripping skin off my foot :))))))))
Peremalfait 7 napja
Goop happens.
Alastor 7 napja
This legendary man is true comedy.
Corner Action
Corner Action 7 napja
40 degree water is fucking cold as shit. Once my pool was 56 degrees and that was fucking cold. I had to pump hot water into it to make it bearable. 40 is unbelievable
lets just think about gwyneth paltrow making a whole show just to do drugs like bruh
Alex Kimball
Alex Kimball 7 napja
Are they gonna show... THE VULVA!?
dude i would love a John Tron original series, not on Netflix tho
7:19 "you can scream" *loud medical german noises "you can grab the scimitar, gore your neighbor David" *loud sneaky french noises
Jewleous Latham-Brown
ive only just realised that at 5:45 he just says 'give me your money' im a twat
derek johnson
derek johnson 8 napja
"i was reading the wrong person" ah i see the psychic uses the wonderful and complicated method known as "blatantly lying" it may be hard to learn, but anyone can use it with enough practice.
Kerem Uygun
Kerem Uygun 8 napja
cursed artifact
I ate mushrooms once. It was in the jungles of Nam. My sgt had just been gunned down and we were deep in a fire fight. My friend handed me some mushrooms. I didn't know about them, figured it was some local shit. He said it'd make everything easier. So I took them. My mind went dizzy, everything looked off. I could hear my sgt talking... Turns out I'm allergic to mushrooms. I died in some swamp, in a place you couldn't pronounce. Let alone point out on a map. But, my friend survived. He used some dark magic he got from a local shaman. He summoned me... Now I'm stuck between heaven and hell... I just don't know which one life is. My existence is endless suffering, only able to communicate with vegan weirdos in jungles. I am... The spirit of the mushroom.
Ree Germain
Ree Germain 8 napja
I mean, I had E. coli for a month and a half without medicine because the doctors didn’t know exactly what was wrong. I was so sick I could hardly move. I literally wrote a will in case I died because I was in tremendous amounts of pain and lost 11 pounds in that short span of time. I had a 102°F fever for four days as well. So yeah, mind over matter. 🤨
Beardless Odin
Isaac Heppner
Isaac Heppner 8 napja
"Where's Sasha" That one didn't age quite so well
vlad 8 napja
25:13 just love seeing jon just lose his shit at this point
Josh Wachtenheim
I can't stand these types of people. The point of a spiritual awakening is that you achieve it completely sober, which is where the term high on life comes from. It's about realizing your true self, without any outside influence, letting go of any earthly tethers. That includes drugs. You're not spiritual when you use drugs to induce an awakening, you're just high.
Moon Dancer
Moon Dancer 8 napja
that lady is crying cause she cant believe how bad she lying for her con artist bs medium covering up for her blatant failure on her cold reading
Xac Mashe
Xac Mashe 8 napja
"We can scream, we can cry, we can pound the ground, but we don't get sexual!" The way he said that line. I've never wanted to see someone in pain more than now.
Tristan douglas
Oh shit, video turns 1 year old today
Nolan Faught
Nolan Faught 8 napja
4:57 The art piece is titled "Taint Muhgooch"
ExtremKrem 8 napja
Just realized it's been exactly one year lol
Roy Court
Roy Court 8 napja
huh, watching this exactly a year later
Mr.J36B 9 napja
how is it the one year anniversary of this video already
Wim Hof is legit tho. He just speaks poor english and it makes for whacky soundbytes.
Aiden_Studios 365
How were those push-ups?
Leighton Cole
Leighton Cole 9 napja
Poker Biscuit
Poker Biscuit 9 napja
This video just turned 1 year old today
Jason 9 napja
The amount of times I had to pause this fuckin' video... Ofc none of these times were 'cause of the JonTron bits.
Nexud 9 napja
OOOOOHH It's not new, it's just a year later
Broin 9 napja
Y e s
The Midianite
The Midianite 9 napja
Elise is super cute.
damanom !
damanom ! 9 napja
They should've called the show "GOOP Troop"
Gabriel Johnson
Art school: *has low acceptance rates* Hitler: 25:25
Ironwolf 365
Ironwolf 365 9 napja
I like how he use the medic and spy’s screaming
Inner Descent
Inner Descent 9 napja
I can't stand gwyneth paltrow and her goop goons but honestly you can fuck off making fun of people going through intense psychedelic sessions. You have no fucking clue what you're talking about, how about try a heroic dose of psilocybin and then tell me how much compassion you have for these people pouring themselves out
Donovan Gall
Donovan Gall 9 napja
I'm like a year late so I don't know why I'm commenting this, but MAPS (the nonprofit that studies psychedelics in the video) is actually a good and legitimate nonprofit with some very convincing research on therapy sessions while high on MDMA (aka Molly, Ecstasy, ect.). In veterans with ptsd who received two MDMA therapy sessions, the ptsd symptoms were reduced to the point where they do not fit the diagnosis anymore in 67% of the participants
Beebrain Music
this hurts
Nick Nack Studios
wOoOoOoW, hOw'D yOu dO iT dOc?
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