Boating Made (TOO) Easy! - JonTron 

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JonTronShow 10 hónapja
Thanks to My.Games for sponsoring today’s video! Warface: Breakout is available on PS4 and Xbox One at 19.99 USD. Check out now: breakout.patron.me/jts . Season 1 is now live for free, introducing Ranked Matches, seasonal challenges, and exclusive cosmetic rewards.
ima tired
ima tired 17 napja
You should make a video of you going to buy a gun jontron. Show the world how easy it is.........
Rawa 9
Rawa 9 29 napja
@Andrej No one asked
Andrej 29 napja
@Rawa 9 i told him to get a wife so he can be happy and thats not toxic
Rawa 9
Rawa 9 Hónapja
@Andrej don’t be toxic
R. Shackleford
R. Shackleford Hónapja
Funny. Ownership of a gun is a constitutional right and driving a boat is not. This is why and thankfully you don’t need education to exercise a right.
Merantauu Plays-Old-
But did you get your license
Samantha Darnell
Samantha Darnell 19 órája
*pleasing growl*
JebSchleiden UberTechnologie
John, Azur Lane is where you find the fuckable boats.
GreenLemon24 21 órája
Husband drowned Wife dead Twins gone Hotel? Trivago
Stephanie Gifford
Stephanie Gifford 23 órája
I'm sorry, but I'm going to need the Game Grumps go ahead and develop a boat license training/ dating Simulator game and call it Dream Boat Daddy
Mitchell Huber
Thanks JonTron, you've inspired me to get my boaters license. Helping Julian and the gang sneak around on Kalkomey Isle to find where the mutant hornets are from as well as inturrupting a ship chop shop operation really helped me learn those fresh boating techniques required for the open seas.
Grimm Ashley
It’s boating lessons like this that led to the Suez Canal
pov: you have watched all of jontrons vids 4 times
12:15 I would wave. Whats up boys!!!!😂
Trenton Kirchoff
Bro this shit is it’s own visual novel wth
The Death Brigade 0
Jon please stop talking about things you dont know anything about
armando david
Rest In Peace John you haven’t posted in ten months
G. Hoterson
G. Hoterson 2 napja
Yo you havent posted in 8 months why
dnmstarsi Napja
Doing important stuff like creating new ideas and dealing with the pandemic. This isn't the first time he went on a hiatus.
Thomas B
Thomas B 2 napja
Bruh why you shilling terrible games, they literally trash
dnmstarsi Napja
@Thomas B No, dude. When it comes to guys like JonTron, they're gonna have to advertise other people's stuff for money. We can all call him and others "shills" but the truth is we don't know dick and there is no real solution that has him make about as much as he did with these ads but also not have people complain about it when they can just skip the video.
Thomas B
Thomas B Napja
@dnmstarsi yeah I get that, but there has to be other options other than shilling games that you literally cannot play without spending on microtransactions. The "game" I'm talking about is warpath whose other ads appear to try and make you feel bad for nazis in ww2
dnmstarsi Napja
Trash to you but treasure to others. Also money, dude. You need it to support yourself, one day you'll be in a similar position.
Taran Grover
Taran Grover 3 napja
ok the real question is did JonTron actually get his boating license?
Apav 3 napja
You don't need a license to buy a boat or to drive in private water... so I guess Jon could always put a motor boat in a swimming pool, I mean I would watch that 🤷‍♀️
Life of a Fat Man
Was this game the prologue for “The Forest?”
Fernando Siqueira espinheira
This video is funny to me because my dad left my family to buy a boat
Mason Pearson
Mason Pearson 3 napja
They have the same thing for New York State lmao
I can’t communicate
Jon is like that one friend that can make a mildly comedic situation incredibly hilarious
BetoFer 4 napja
This is the english copy of missa?
Unlikely_Jack 4 napja
Your commitment to the skit in the beginning only for it to lead up to an ad is pure genius.
Nautilus 5 napja
What did I do under the unfluence
lukisnootis 5 napja
we miss you Jon. stay safe
Ashdaddy Brantdog
I did the same thing for my drovers license
CEO of Archvile
It's clearly pronounced Cleh-tucce
SuperEman500 6 napja
JonTron sounds like Billy Crystal.
Megalosaurus 2 Electric boogaloo
Is that captain on the thumbnail?
My Brother Just Showed Me This, I'm Scared For Whats Gonna Happen----
apalsnerg 6 napja
Ok Lovecraft
pr0pYr8 6 napja
He reminds me of hal from mega mind
Shungite 6 napja
Jon come back it’s been 8 months
inconsistent YouTuber Vikar
Is this called fore shadowing
Mason Wallin
Mason Wallin 6 napja
Why do I get the feeling he was the cause of the evergreen getting stuck
Edward Garcia
Edward Garcia 7 napja
6:13 his peanutbuttergamer is showing
DewottGamer 32
Jontron seems like the kind of guy that buys you a slushie when he goes to the gas station
Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom 7 napja
Warface is a hacker filled pay to win piece of total fucking shit. One word, Russia
Austin Hackman
That entire game totally had those REAL LIFE SITUATIONS
Kim 8 napja
I know I'm really drunk. But i can't be THIS. DRUNK OS THIS REAL????
Big Boi
Big Boi 8 napja
the fact that john owns a cat is great
Jeremy Aguero copyright 2016
The fact the boat is Captain from Thomas and friends
Shaun Britton
Shaun Britton 10 napja
HUrun unsubscribe me wtf is that about bloody weirdos have to put there sticky grubby blood money fingers on everything even Google own it now fgs
Josiah's Vlogs
Josiah's Vlogs 10 napja
Seagull: *noise* Jon: Shut up, p i d g e o n
Larry Fisherman
Larry Fisherman 10 napja
all this and i never get to see the double chin get on a boat
Rockador 10 napja
Please return!
The stupidest channel to exist.
But CS:GO is free...
iliyaan s
iliyaan s 10 napja
Breakout is t on switch :(
ImVermilion _
ImVermilion _ 10 napja
Jon, please give me my cat back.
Aidan Brown
Aidan Brown 11 napja
16:03 kills me every time, I say it in everyday life and people think I'm crazy
JB Narigon
JB Narigon 11 napja
You don’t drive a boat you con a boat
Stop Motion Studios - SMS
The usa’s FortKnox: I fear no man, but that thing, it scares me. Jontrons budget for a video:
Dennis Snider
Dennis Snider 11 napja
Jon loves playing with his dinghy
BananaPhoPhilly 11 napja
I badly wanna know what that fast drumming music is when JonTron is thinking hard
Beebrain Music
Beebrain Music 11 napja
i know where the guy who blocked the suez canal got his boating liscense
Daily Logic
Daily Logic 11 napja
Jon Tron left the channel to drive a boat and that’s why he’s been gone and that’s what happened to the evergreen.
Riece Ranchoa
Riece Ranchoa 11 napja
Gimme your computer
AniGa 11 napja
Boats? That's dangerous, dude, you need a license, dude! (Actually just pay us $40 for a shitty online course, though.) Guns? Ahdunno, don't fuckin' ask me, just go freakin' _buy one_ at the supermarket, fuck if I know.
Mike Garrison
Mike Garrison 11 napja
JBBrickman 11 napja
god when he throws the same pc I'm watching the video on down a hill into a road. I was like legit worried I could imagine it being mine, and I cant afford another gaming pc...
Looks like jontron made it all the way to the suez canal
Jaan Stra
Jaan Stra 12 napja
“is firefox open source”
Just realized today jontron is from new england wassup neighbor 😂😂
Mateus Chagas
Mateus Chagas 12 napja
nasbla is water type nasa
Mahan Davoudi
Mahan Davoudi 12 napja
Maybe it was john that sailed the big boat and made it stuck in Suez channel
Tom Pauling
Tom Pauling 13 napja
Supported the back legs, held the tummy, gave a stroke after gentle placement. 10/10 cat handling. Good job Jon 👍
Ephraim Luck
Ephraim Luck 13 napja
Americans : woah a boat, that's friking dangerous, you need a license for that shit Also Americans: ah you want a gun, go ahead son, here a m4 with a masterkey go have fun
Dexter 14 napja
I just saw the ship stuck in egypt and i thought of Jon dressed as the captain... And Cory Chase for no particular reason.
Matthew Kemp
Matthew Kemp 14 napja
Was the Rok Kandi disaster a strange reference to The Shining?
Lewis 27
Lewis 27 14 napja
Jon got his license and then decided to sail a container ship down the Suez Canal...
Goodguy Typhlosion
luigifandroid 15 napja
Jontron why did I get a ad about you sponsoring “War path”
Aaron Lilly
Aaron Lilly 15 napja
Awesome videos bud. When's the next one?
Tyler Heinings
Tyler Heinings 15 napja
@3:00 Ya know, if your younger then 16 you don't need any license at all to drive the boat.
Cubeygames 16 napja
This is a master piece
Fireball9670 16 napja
Turns out Jon us the captain of the boat that blocked the Suez canal
hog quaffer
hog quaffer 16 napja
oghhh kitty
Trevor Hunting
Trevor Hunting 16 napja
Scott Mar
Scott Mar 17 napja
I had to do 3 hour study then an hour exam to get my boating license, I didn’t play no games, and I can definitely say the website where I got my license looked a lot more professional. No hate towards the video or Johntron
ima tired
ima tired 17 napja
You should make a video of you going to buy a gun jontron. Show the world how easy it is.
John Smith
John Smith 17 napja
so, fuck the mutants, did he get the license?
Dark Lovell
Dark Lovell 18 napja
Dropping that pc hurt me
Justin plott
Justin plott 18 napja
Maybe the captain of the ever given should have watched this
You Tube
You Tube 18 napja
So this is why the Evergiven got stuck
Cooper Gilbert
Cooper Gilbert 18 napja
Sheesh now we know the story behind the suez canal
BloxxChill Siders
Jon should have driven the Ever Given
Aw350m3 H3R0
Aw350m3 H3R0 18 napja
you don't need a education course to buy a boat . you do need a licsense to carry a gun as well as use the boat
Texan Squirtle
Texan Squirtle 18 napja
We now know the education of the captain who ended up blocking the Suez Canal
Princess Devy
Princess Devy 19 napja
John Sean has a cat and the bird
Salvador Solorio
The ad for this video was the one he did for Warpath, and I feel as if that just fits like a puzzle piece
Enzo Valdez
Enzo Valdez 20 napja
Oh so this is why the Suez canal is blocked!
Levi winget
Levi winget 20 napja
“All I wanna do is drive one of those” evergreen ship stuck in canal couple months later. Jon wanna explain yourself 😬
Cadentraptor993 20 napja
Took me being locked inside this week to watch this... This is now my video to watch
So it was John who drive ever given?
LeoInuPC 21 napja
The Evergreen wouldnt have gotten stuck if they just took this course
Sebastian Gutierrez
Somebody took this liscense test to it's full potential, and it kinda sorta maybe blocked trade... 😢😂
Nick Strain
Nick Strain 21 napja
I feel like this video is what led to the events of the Evergreen cargo ship.
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 21 napja
This is the license the captain of the Ever given had
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo 21 napja
That Evergreen captain watched this video didn't he?
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