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Welcome to JonTron! Hopefully laugh!
Levi vB
Levi vB 21 órája
that double hack joke with the moan still cracks me up to this day
Peppermint Catsass
Peppermint Catsass 21 órája
Didn't Jeffrey Epstein do a version of this also.
You Like My Shoes
You Like My Shoes 21 órája
The intro shook me
And what are the odds I ended up watching this episode years later on 4/20? 1 in 365!
The Radmin
The Radmin 21 órája
10:54 Super F-Zero Kart
Billy Burr
Billy Burr 21 órája
I was a safety director that dealt with training people in these topics. It’s just for certification reasons. You’re not really gonna learn anything new. I quit that company when they wanted to use those videos for harness training when guys are on roofs without any actual hands on training or anything like that. So I had to quit or be held liable for the lack of training. Lmao
UnwantedStudios3 21 órája
the fatal half inch - thats what your mom calls me
Morty 22 órája
Welcome to another episode of "Where is Jonno?"
alex schnaider
alex schnaider 22 órája
That was a MISTAKE!!!!!
Call Me Cancelled
Call Me Cancelled 22 órája
Dude where tf has he been...
muchacho 22 órája
No way this was 2 years ago...
Easuw Raxwell
Easuw Raxwell 22 órája
"can you tell me what maps is?" That didn't age to well
thecookiethief 22 órája
rise and shine bitch were going to disnyland
JebSchleiden UberTechnologie
John, Azur Lane is where you find the fuckable boats.
Aaron Colvin
Aaron Colvin 22 órája
By the way guys the species that Jacques is lives when cared for correctly which I'm sure he is up to around 30 years so he's got a long time left don't worry
Francis Tran
Francis Tran 22 órája
You should do a review on Nintendo switch games
Judah Waahkah
Judah Waahkah 22 órája
What wtf
Vlad T
Vlad T 22 órája
Ayeee Alex Jones 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽
The Silver Canine [TSK9]
12:41 bullet proof oxygen
GreenLemon24 22 órája
Husband drowned Wife dead Twins gone Hotel? Trivago
Allan Isaac de Oliveira Soares
Easuw Raxwell
Easuw Raxwell 22 órája
Wait aren't some of these NSFW due to the gore?
The Crocodile
The Crocodile 22 órája
Raymond Mitchell
Raymond Mitchell 22 órája
Tapelkei 23 órája
hi jayden
TreckooEks 23 órája
Her assistant is such an ass kisser, must be hard to motivate yourself to do this kind of work
Cristian Salas
Cristian Salas 23 órája
Bruuuuuum bruuumm RUUUUUuUbUbiubIubiubJHbku
Jackson Watson
Jackson Watson 23 órája
Instead of being scared of the mansion in the woods he was scared of the music
Vakaris p
Vakaris p 23 órája
this lis like eric andre plus between two ferns
Allan Isaac de Oliveira Soares
4:18 WTF
TheNoob 23 órája
10:04 yep shes dead
Vesting 23 órája
How is this 5 years ago
Vesting 23 órája
The Third Great Jontron drought, somehow it doesn't feel as long as the others although it has nearly lasted as long as the previous two.
Music by Kaphizmey
Music by Kaphizmey 23 órája
7:43 this shoutout is why scott the woz is such a big youtuber nowadays
Tyler Cook
Tyler Cook 23 órája
endless meme
Rei 23 órája
Please don't die please don't die we don't wanna hide another body
Swiss Panda
Swiss Panda 23 órája
They taught us how to walk up stairs 🤣 “properly”
Stephanie Gifford
I'm sorry, but I'm going to need the Game Grumps go ahead and develop a boat license training/ dating Simulator game and call it Dream Boat Daddy
Tommy MacWommy
The Moral of the story is just use a f***ing gun! I mean for Christ sake this is America
犬走椛 Napja
I'd like to point out a few things Segal said in 15:26 I'm a chinese dude who studies japanese, and really, all he's said here is japanese-sounding gibberish, to the surprise of no-one. "Shotokan" as a word does not exist, and the closest word I could find is "Shokudo (食堂)" the word for "cafeteria," which I'm very sure is a place Seagal here is very familiar with. Okinawans do practice their own form of martial arts, named Okinawan Kobudo (沖縄古武道). "Shorin" (書林) however is the word for a pile of books or a bookstore. Perhaps he was trying to say Shaolin, but seeing that the Shaolin temple and the small island of Okinawa is 3,781 km apart, confusing the two is a feat in itself. Basically, what Steven Segal here claims is a made-up-adjective man who is also a bookstore in Okinawa and an all-round GUY was so impressed with his dishwashing that he taught him a fancy martial arts technique not typically practised by Okinawan natives.
J D Napja
So OoT one of the best games ever made. Game that has somewhat similar controls and layout…. Worst game ever! Ironic for someone trying to act like the angry video game nerd. I will say I couldn’t get into this game when it first came out… or the next 5 years after... or 19 for that matter but I am playing it now and it’s a blast. I’m sorry I didn’t give it the attention it deserved back then.
Gurt Chen
Gurt Chen Napja
These workout videos make me feel like I’m in a fever dream
Dr Zeuce
Dr Zeuce Napja
Ps3 baby brought back a dark past lmao
snugasapug Napja
Ross and Holly together, filming in Egoraptor's house, man times were simpler.
Ethan Jones
15:15 that's the Flex Tape guy
Cristian Salas
Uh oh popo
some random commenter
16:06 that laptop is indeed closed XD
Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom Napja
It's hard for me to keep in mind that the writing of this track an later movie was serious lol. Want to see how evil DnD rerally is? Just go watch on Twitch. lol
Dreamer of R’yleh
Oh my god 0:18 of Linkara running in the ball is absolutely gorgeous
Ssatisfyy Napja
Ah yes, a cult spreads their message of holiness in comparison to another cult. Follow our cult, that cult’s baaaaaad
Mitchell Huber
Thanks JonTron, you've inspired me to get my boaters license. Helping Julian and the gang sneak around on Kalkomey Isle to find where the mutant hornets are from as well as inturrupting a ship chop shop operation really helped me learn those fresh boating techniques required for the open seas.
Eric Hagen
Eric Hagen Napja
turducken is fer thanxgiving and caramel apples and candy are for halloween!
Cristian Salas
Cristian Salas
I am the 1
I am the 1 Napja
What bird is Jacques
Quinn hales
"KICK HER EEES" That cracked me up.
Iguanzilla Napja
"And the film ends with a book burning" hol up
Stephanie Gifford
Ah yes, I went to the Oopple store the other day and got the newest iPhoone
Aiden Vos
Aiden Vos Napja
15:13 FLEXTAPE MAN!!!!
Cristian Salas
Aiden Vos
Aiden Vos Napja
11:00 cocaïne
Chris Plays2
4:20 nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope so much nope!
Nin [Cypher NX]
I think the only franchise that got every game is Harry Potter.
One Random Commenter
9:14 what game is that from? I forgot
Rohan Sukumaran
Ryan Murphy
Funny thing is, that episode was directed by Tobe Hooper, who directed and co wrote the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Ian Foley
Ian Foley Napja
6:19 somebody getting breaking bad references.(haven’t watched the show
Stephanie Gifford
And not to ridicule women for their body sizes, but I think we all know which "Shrek" the psychic is referring to
Stephanie Gifford
Has nobody on this show ever participated in their local Polar Plunge? Oh wait, that benefits charities. Doesn't make them personal money. Disregard!
ARandomGuy Napja
It would be legendary if Jon uploaded today, 4/20
Son Void
Son Void Napja
Anyone else coming back to this video now that Apogee's back in business?
iced coffee
At this point iam convinced hes been assassinated by george segal
Duel Napja
“The Book says to divide by color.” Yeah, I think we’ve already did that in the 1960’s.. it kind of started a whole protest.
Ioan Trusca
am i the only one here that waches him for the meme templates
Armaan Qureshi
2:23 Me when people want Lola Bunny to be redesigned.
Huntter carlos
Mark Tuason
12:45 The way he says it just keeps making me laugh 🤣🤣🤣
That Czech dude
You mean like rapper Vanilla Ice or like JJBA Vanilla Ice?
• Patatoe •
Wait I actually wanted to see how it turned out.
lance bradley
We should get this video to 69 million veiws